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Earning WoW Gold Tips

Frustrated with the price of your artisan riding skill in World of Warcraft? You can earn quite a bit money as you level, but it's not always enough to get those big ticket items which can cost thousands of gold. Although earning gold isn't likely to be the most exciting thing you do in the game, you don't have to resort to shady real-money transactions to get the good stuff. Here are some tips on how to make some extra gold in your times of need.

Daily Quests
If you're at level 70, daily quests are one of the fastest and most reliable ways to fill your coffers. At the moment, there are a number of daily quests which can be completed in minutes and reward over 10 gold. They're not all that quick, but you can do up to 25 daily quests each day, and most can be done solo. Even if you do only half your daily allotment, the gold will add up quickly after selling the loot you don't want. Shattered Sun Offensive quests tend to pay particularly well right now, although they will likely be surpassed by future content.

Motes and Primals
Currently, another good way to make gold at the level cap is to farm Motes and Primals, which are used in various kinds of high-level crafting. 10 Motes can be combined to make a Primal, making Primals roughly 10 times as valuable as Motes. There are 7 types of Motes: Shadow, Earth, Water, Life, Mana, Air and Fire.

Motes are only found in the Outland, but there are several ways to procure them. Some, like Motes of Shadow, drop from particular types of creatures, in this case Demons. As well as dropping from mobs, Motes of Earth and Life can be collected using the mining and herbalism skills respectively. Air and Fire are the rarest, and hence, most valuable Motes. All Air Elementals in Outland have a chance of dropping Motes of Air. Similarly, Motes of Fire come from Fire Elementals, but they can also be mined by players with sufficient mining skills.

Although there are quite a few places to find Motes in Outland, you might come across a lot of competition in some of the places with good drop rates, including "professional" gold farmers.

Gathering skills are one of the best ways for characters of any level to make money. Mining, skinning, and herbalism will allow you to collect crafting materials which can be sold on the Auction House. Taking 2 gathering skills is probably more profitable than having a collecting and a crafting skill at the lower levels. In many cases, raw materials sell for more than the items crafted from them. The Gatherer add-on will track resources on the mini-map and the world map, allowing you to revisit nodes you've harvested before.

The enchanting skill can also be profitable, not so much because you can enchant things, but because you can disenchant them. The materials that come from disenchanting an item are frequently more valuable than the item itself. Another approach is to buy cheap green items on the Auction House, disenchant them, and then auction the resulting materials.

While crafting skills generally don't pay as well as gathering skills, they all eventually allow you to make blue or better bind-on-equip items or powerful consumables that are worth considerable sums. The materials to make them will also be quite expensive, but you can offset some of that cost by collecting the materials yourself rather than buying them. Do your research before you craft the item to ensure the item is worth more than the materials.

Playing the Auction House
Essentially, this amounts to the age old practice of buying low and selling high. The standard interface doesn't give you much information to determine what is low and what is high. For this purpose the Auctioneer UI add-on is extremely helpful, as it saves data on average starting bid and buyout prices. It also now includes Enchantrix, which tells you what materials an item is likely to yeild when disenchanted, and roughly what those materials are worth on the Auction House. You'll need some gold to get started, and of course, the more people playing the AH on your server, the more difficult it will be to find bargains.