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Needless to say, the official shop is the safest place to buy wow gold which is allowed by Blizzard Entertainment.

WoW player can use the WoW Token to exchange WoW Gold, which is the safest but not the cheapest way to gain wow gold. Logging into World of Warcraft, open the in-game Shop and buy a WoW Token with $20.00. Your inventory will have the WoW Token after you have purchased. Then, you can sell the WoW Token on the auction house for wow gold.

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In this way, wow gold prices won't be cheap. Meanwhile, you always must have to wait for wow gold a long time until other people buy your Token.

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G2G is a C2C website, any individual can sell or purchase game currency or game equipment on it. G2G supports more than 100 games, and the sellers at offer the best pricing in the market for almost every game. Personal player’s costs are lower, so g2g always have the cheapest price.

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Seller Ranking is the most important factor, which indicates the total sales made by individual seller per month. You can determine the seller's expertise based on the level of the profession in their store. With insurance is provided, if the game account is compromised, retrieved, banned or lost within the insured days, the refund will be provided to the buyer. Reputation and Statistics will show the seller's rating. Meanwhile, the price cannot be ignored.

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G2G protects the rights of buyers and sellers through GamerProtect. GamerProtect ensures the integrity and security of all transactions and guarantees no risk of shopping. Buy gold with GamerProtect, the seller can only receive the payment after the buyer confirms the transaction is successful.

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G2G supports major payment which includes VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, iDeal, Bitcoin, Paysafecard, Skrill, Alipay, WeChat Pay, WebMoney, etc.

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