WoW Dragon Soul Entrance & Location

The Dragon Soul[2] is the pinnacle of the Cataclysm expansion,[3] was released in Patch 4.3.0 at the end of 2011.

The raid is smaller than Ulduar with two encounters with Deathwing.[4]

Melee classes receive a buff that is only active in the raid to help them compete with ranged classes. Epic gems will also drop (likely on Normal and Heroic only).[4]

Quick Facts
  • Level: 85
  • Required levels: 85, 85
  • Required item level: 365, 365
  • Territory: Contested
  • Instance type: Raid
  • Heroic mode available
  • Number of players: 10/25
  • Location: Tanaris
  • Final boss: Deathwing
Location Caverns of Time, Tanaris(entrance)
Various, starting at Wyrmrest Temple[1]
End boss Deathwing
Raid info
Type Raid
Advised level 85
Player limit 10/25


The raid picks up right where the The Hour of Twilight instance finishes. Thrall and the Dragon Soul are now nearbyWyrmrest Temple and raiders begin by attempting to relieve the beleaguered Aspects. In addition to lifting the siege around Wyrmrest, the players also have to return to the Eye of Eternity to get the Focusing Iris so the Dragon Aspects can refocus their power into the Dragon Soul. We have some new gameplay elements in mind for these raids, including a mechanic where players are granted the ability to dodge a deadly attack from a twilight dragon by phasing away.

The first boss encountered is an earth elemental at the base of Wyrmrest Temple. Morchok is pounding at the foundations of the spire. Beyond, players will encounter two servants of the Old Gods. The next boss is a corrupted undead named Hagara the Stormbinder, one of the first students of arcane magic under the Forsaken, who now serves Deathwing. The fifth boss is a monstrous twilight dragon named Ultraxion, never seen before, so big that it cannot land and will be fought in the air.

Once the twilight dragon has been bested, Thrall is able unleash the charged Dragon Soul upon Deathwing. The raid then boards an airship in pursuit of the wounded dragon who is now flying toward the Maelstrom and the safety ofDeepholm. On the way, Twilight's Hammer drake riders, led by the Twilight's Hammer Warmaster, will harry them.

The first stage occurs as players are flying on an airship, chasing down Deathwing while his Twilight's Hammer drake riders are swooping in to harry the pursuit. In the second stage, players paratroop commando-style onto Deathwing’s back and start ripping up his armor, trying to pry a hole big enough to give Thrall a clean shot with the Dragon Soul. During this phase, players are actually riding on Deathwing as he’s swooping around and trying to knock the players off with barrel rolls and such. Players will have to hang on at key points in the fight to avoid falling while also tangling with all kinds of monstrosities that are rising out of Deathwing’s corrupted magma blood. Once the players get enough of Deathwing’s armor off, Thrall blasts Deathwing with the Dragon Soul and sends him crash-landing into the Maelstrom.

The final stage of the raid begins when Deathwing’s deformed body rises out of the Maelstrom to face off against the players in the final showdown with many phases. The first phase is moving around the isles around the Maelstrom. Players will have to fight his claws, wings, tail alone and the tentacles. Traveling around the isles is similar to the fight in the Throne of the Four Winds. During the second phase, the four dragon aspects will arrive and use their specific abilities to assist players to battle Deathwing. Players need to decide which aspect will help. For example, Nozdormu can create a time-warp field to slow down Deathwing's molten missile attack. Alexstrasza can annihilate the small tentacles Deathwing calls upon. Ysera and Kalecgos both have their own abilities. And, Thrall will use the artifact, the Dragon Soul, to join the battle.


  • Morchok – The most powerful elemental still under Deathwing's sway, Morchok-once a passive guardian-is now convinced that his only respite will come with Azeroth's demise. Morchok rages against the foundation of Wyrmrest Temple, Azeroth's last beacon of hope in the Hour of Twilight.
  • Hagara the Stormbinder – Hagara, one of the first students of arcane magic under the Forsaken, showed surprising potential for one who had started learning so late in life. But in her undisciplined attempts to bind elementals into servitude, she was ensnared and twisted by the Windlord, Al'Akir. Now fiercely loyal to the Twilight's Hammer, Hagara binds others for her elemental masters to torment.
  • Spine of Deathwing – When Deathwing first channeled the Dragon Soul's power against the other flights, the massive energies that were unleashed threatened to break apart his very body. Rather than forgo this weapon, he had adamantium plates fused to his scales to hold his body together. Later reinforced with elementium, these plates are now his weakness--the sole vulnerability to Deathwing's lethal presence.
  • Warlord Zon'ozz – Countless ages ago, Warlord Zon'ozz and his soldiers waged endless war against the forces of C'Thun and Yogg-Saron. Millennia have passed, but the warlord still serves the chaotic might of the Old God N'Zoth. Deathwing has now unleashed this legendary faceless one to crush the defenders of Wyrmrest Temple.
  • Yor'sahj the Unsleeping – Since the fall of the Bastion of Twilight, Yor'sahj the Unsleeping has eagerly assisted Deathwing, providing the Destroyer with the means to release more faceless ones from their prisons deep beneath the earth. Their numbers are endless and their power is beyond reckoning, and Yor'sahj intends to reap a grim reward for his faithful service.
  • Ultraxion – More an abomination of dark energy than a dragon, Ultraxion has spent his short life absorbing the essence of captured nether dragons. Ultraxion is the only twilight dragon Deathwing has praised, and his arrogance is overshadowed only by the crackling energies surging through his twisted form. Loyal to his master, Ultraxion swears to bring about the fall of Wyrmrest Temple.
  • Warmaster Blackhorn – Though once vast in number, only a few dozen twilight dragons now remain. Astride these hardened survivors are the last vestiges of the Twilight's Hammer's army: the elite drake riders of Deathwing's personal escort. Led by the insidious Warmaster Blackhorn, they move with unholy purpose, driven to protect their dark master.
  • Madness of Deathwing – A warped mass of molten hatred and unfathomable power, this formless, mindless horror cannot be stopped. Whatever was left of Neltharion the Earth-Warder is long gone, his mind and soul corrupted and devoured by his Old God masters. All this monstrous being desires is destruction, annihilation, and the end of all things.