Firelands Solo Guides

The Firelands is an outdoor raid instance introduced in Patch 4.2,[1] the second major content patch after the release of Patch 4.1 "Rise of the Zandalari". The Firelands was originally scheduled to be part of the initial release, but was delayed to focus instead on other content.[citation needed]

Prior to Patch 4.2, The Crucible of Flame, Firelands Forgeworks and Firelands Hatchery are part of the Firelands, which are only accessible throughflamegates located within Mount Hyjal subzones.

The Firelands is a 10/25-man raid instance with both normal and heroic modes.[2]

Soloing Firelands 25
With the old content squish this instance is very easy to clear, so you don't need any special gear or spec. Any dps class will work, and tanks will have even easier time. While here, you can also grab a few easy achievements for the  Glory of the Firelands Raider achievement, which rewards a nice mount.

As there will be a ton of trash here, it's a good idea to clear the instance fully. Only exception is the turtles. Their drops were nerfed to the ground when people solo farmed them back in Cata, and were never returned to normal drops after the instance became trivial. So they still drop only a few copper. Other bigger mobs usually drop 3 wow gold.

Bosses are trivial, so you won't need any tactics for them either, unless you want to grab a few achievements. If you'd like me to include achievements and strategies to obtain them in these Loot Hunters' posts, let me know in the comments below.

There are 7 bosses here, each dropping about 25 gold.

One thing different from usual raids is that there is absolutely no Embersilk Cloth to be found here. It's usually a very good gold maker, but the drops are still decent without it.

The run took about half an hour, and here's the loot that was found:

266g from gold drops
840g from vendor junk (Greys, BOP epics)
154g from green armor (Disenchant)
550g from BOE blues (Not included in total)
2273g from BOE epics (Not included in total)
62g from Elementium Lockbox

Grand total = 1322 wow gold

Update: If you do this in 25 HC (Very easy to solo), each boss drops about 120 gold + epics that vendor for over 100 gold. This equals in over 1500 gold from boss drops alone!

If you have disenchanting available, it's a good idea to check Maelstrom Crystal's price before deciding if you should disenchant or vendor BOP epics. Also, Hypnotic Dust is very expensive usually, so it's often a better idea to disenchant green quality armor.

There will be lots of BOE epics, and it's sometimes a better idea to just vendor them, as they will take a while to sell and there's always other people selling them as well.