How To Get To Timeless Isle

Getting there

Players are first introduced to the Timeless Isle via the quest  [90] A Flash of Bronze..., which starts automatically upon entering their faction's shrine in the Vale of Eternal Blossomsafter arriving at level 90. After meeting up with Chromie outside the entrance to the Seat of Knowledge above Mogu'shan Palace, she starts  [90] Journey to the Timeless Isle and hands players the  [Curious Bronze Timepiece] (Alliance / Horde). The timepiece is a one-time use teleport, sending players directly to the watcher's position on the isle, either at the Tushui Landing for the Alliance or the Huojin Landing for the Horde. At the landing point is a flight path, which can then be used for return trips to the isle.

Under 90, or if you want to get there on your own, from the southeastern tip of Jade Forest (just north of Moonwater Retreat), fly east-southeast over Mistveil Sea through the fatigue waters to reach the island. Even with only 225 skill, players will reach land before the fatigue bar empties.

As of April 15, 2015, players under 90 cannot fly there.[citation needed]


The Isle is lushly forested, with flora similar to that found in the Jade Forest. The waters of the Ruby Lake are colored a strange reddish hue, possibly due to the ruby crystals found deep within the mountains of the Timeless Isle.[2] Yaungol control the mountainous regions of the island, led by their "fire god" Ordos, while the lowlands are mostly abandoned save for the Celestial Courtwhere many residents of Pandaria have gathered to watch the August Celestial's trials. The Huojin and Tushui pandaren have made landfall and established camps at the western shore, but have been asked by the Celestials to not press further inland.

Maps and subregions

Zone map
  • The Blazing Way [71, 46]
  • Blackguard's Forgotten Cove [17, 57]
  • Cavern of Lost Spirits [43, 41]
  • The Celestial Court [39, 55]
  • Croaking Hollow [65, 72]
  • Firewalker Ruins [54, 75]
  • Firewalkers' Path [62, 68]
  • Huojin Landing [22, 40]
  • The Misty Strand [26, 30]
  • Mossgreen Lake [47, 54]
  • Old Pi'jiu [37, 77]
  • Ordon Sanctuary [53, 29]
  • Red Stone Run [56, 50] 
    • Kukuru's Grotto [58, 42]
    • Mysterious Den [58, 49]
    • Tsavo'ka's Den [54, 44]
    • Whispershade Hollow [65, 50]
  • Ruby Lake [64, 27]
  • Shrine of the Black Flame [69, 34]
  • The Barnacle [61, 88]
  • Three-Breeze Terrace [35, 31]
  • The Timeless Shore [23, 55]
  • Tushui Landing [23, 71]

Travel hubs

  • Huojin Landing [22, 40]
  • Tushui Landing [23, 71]

Regions adjacent to the Timeless Isle

Zone Name Faction Level Range Direction Access
Jade Forest 85-86 Northwest Flight