The Bastion Of Twilight Solo Guides

Continuing my soloing series, today, we're looking at how to solo The Bastion of Twilight, a raid introduced back in Cataclysm. With Warlords of Draenor's item squish, some encounters become easier to solo, but some are harder, due to the changed mechanics. I'm playing a mage currently that's why it's my preferred class for soloing. Given the removal of self-healing via the Evocation glyph, I have very little to no self-healing capabilities. Probably the only thing that helps me is Ice Barrier in terms of damage absorbption.

Why would I want to solo an old-school raid?
The answer is obvious my friend. Transmogs and a decent amount of gold for greens, which can be sold in the Auction House for solid gold.

Tips: Don't waste your time!
Trash in old-school raids is usually gray, meaning it won't aggro even if you are close to it. I recommend skipping all trash leading to bosses. It's advisable though, to clear boss rooms that contain trash mobs as they tend to come at you with all their fury once you engage a boss. If there's too much trash just try to get as close to it as possible (you'll eventually figure out the aggro distance if you've been playing the game for a little longer) and use Blink to port behind them. If you aggro something, but don't have time to kill it, use Invisibility that will make you drop aggro. Use Time Warp everytime you start an encounter. The debuff resets once you defeat a boss. Use the Draenic Intellect Flask to increase your intellect by 200 and the Draenic Intellect Potionthat increases your intellect by 1,000 for a few seconds in combat.

Bastion of Twilight
Is a Tier 11 raid dungeon, located in southwestern Twilight Highlands, up in the sky. It has five boss encounters. The last encounter, available on heroic difficulty only, can be unlocked by defeating the last boss Cho'gall on heroic difficulty. Keep in mind that prior to attempting heroic difficulty, you will first need to complete the whole raid in normal difficulty.

Halfus Wyrmbreaker

Fairly easy to solo, the most annoying ability he uses are quick periodic stuns that are avoidable if you Blink out of your current location. Scorch-kiting works really nice with this one.

Valiona & Theralion

Two dragon bosses. Prior to the boss room appears Cho'gall summoning trash. You might want to kill the trash as when I tried to skip it while he was spawned, porting right inside the boss room all I had all trash on me, even the on the sides of the room where Cho'gall is. I'm not claiming that the trash will kill you, but for the sake of simplicity you'd simply want to avoid any unnecessary damage or possible deaths. Cho'gall despawns after you kill the summoned mobs. They have 9.5 million shared health. You want to avoid an ability called Black Hole. Once one of the dragons goes air-mode, this ability can hit you for up to 85K so be careful, as now, I only have 215K health.

Ascendant Council

Even though the big Evolved Dragons appear to have a large hitbox, you can avoid aggroing them by passing by. Clear the elemental trash in the boss room before you engage the encounter. You can see two bosses. Just focus on one at any part of the encounter. Finally you will get stunned, don't worry, it's just part of the encounter. You will get unstunned once the bosses merge to create an Elementium Monstrosity (8.4 million health). The Monstrosity casts watery puddles underneath him, so make sure not to stand in them. Lava Seed rains may occur but apart from that he's dealt with.


Again clear the boss room. Cho'gall may be problematic if you're DPS is lacking. It's either you nuke him down fast enough, or you will get mind-controlled and the encounter will reset. Although dispelable, but who will dispel it when you're the only player present? The encounter resets. After successfully downing him on heroic difficulty, the center of the room will collapse along with Chog'all's corpse. You will fall into lava that deals periodic damage. Get out of it as soon as possible by simply blinking to the nearest island. There you'll see the Sinestra boss room along with Chog'all's corpse.

Sinestra (HC)

This boss has three phases. In the first phase the boss starts at only 60% with her damage reduced by 40%. If you nuke her down to 30% health, you enter the second phase, where she starts draws upon ambient energy to restore her power and erects a shield to protect herself. At this point it is completely pointless to attack her, as her mana will drain instead of health. Even if she's out of mana, she has high HP regeneration rate. At this point you're going to see Pulsing Twilight Eggs on either sides of the room. They will become targetable, but also impervious to damage. Kill Twilight Drakes and Spitecallers until the eggs become targetable, then destroy them and you'll start the last phase of her encounter. In stage 3, Sinestra will attack players with their full fury as she is at full health not dealing reduced damage any longer. At this moment you don't need to care about trash as you will nuke her quite easily.

Enjoy your new transmogs achievements and titles!