The Deadmines Entrance Location

The Deadmines are expansive, winding tunnels dug out under Westfall and part of northwestern Stranglethorn Vale. It is the lowest-level Alliance instance, and is populated by members of the Defias Brotherhood. Its entrance can be accessed in the town of Moonbrook in southwestern Westfall, while its exit is located in the western part of the Dagger Hills near the ocean.


Moonbrook, Westfall



End boss

"Captain" Cookie(normal)
Vanessa VanCleef(heroic)

Instance info


Advised level

15 - 21 (normal)
85 (heroic)

Player limit



To get there, go to the barn in Westfall. [42.4, 72.6] You can also check out the video down below.

Quick Facts
  • Level: 15 - 16
  • Required levels: 10, 15
  • Required item level: 329
  • Territory: Alliance
  • Instance type: Dungeon
  • Heroic mode available (85)
  • Number of players: 5
  • Location: Westfall
  • Final boss: "Captain" Cookie

Deep beneath the mines of Moonbrook in southwestern Westfall lie the Deadmines. Despite the demise of the Defias Brotherhood's leader Edwin VanCleef at the hands of Alliance militiamen, the Deadmines is still the Brotherhood's most secure hideout since Cataclysm. Here the survivors of Edwin's crew toil alongside new recruits, so that the Defias juggernaut ship can be complete and the kingdom of Stormwind can be brought to its knees. All this is happening under the vigilant eyes of "Captain" Cookie... and Vanessa VanCleef.


  • Glubtok – In a fit of rage, Glubtok unleashed his potent magical abilities and reduced his ogre mound to ash. Upon hearing of his destructive talents, the Defias hired the massive ogre mage to supervise their laborers as head foreman of the Deadmines.
  • Helix Gearbreaker – Formerly a craftsman in the Bilgewater Cartel, Helix was offered a sum eclipsing anything he would ever make as a nameless Horde engineer to ply his trade for the Defias Brotherhood. He was quick to accept the job and renounce his former loyalties... just as any resourceful goblin would.
  • Foe Reaper 5000 – Defias engineers have spent many long days perfecting a new harvester model based on the Foe Reaper 4000 unit. Once it is completed, the brotherhood believes this mechanized terror will be able to slice through Stormwind's armored soldiers like a scythe through wheat.
  • Admiral Ripsnarl – When James Harrington became afflicted by the worgen curse, he destroyed his loving family and maritime career in one chilling night of bloodlust. Taking on the name Ripsnarl, he fled into Westfall and later agreed to command the Defias Brotherhood's fearsome juggernaut.
  • "Captain" Cookie – Cookie proclaimed himself captain of the Defias Brotherhood's juggernaut following its previous commander's death. Although he still performs his official duties as chief cook, anyone who questions the validity of his captain title has been known to come down with a severe case of food poisoning.
  • Vanessa VanCleef – As a young girl, Vanessa witnessed the gruesome death of her father and former Defias Brotherhood leader, Edwin VanCleef. She has since taken up his mantle of leadership, plotting to exact vengeance on Stormwind from the dark corridors of the Defias's stronghold in the Deadmines.