The Deadmines Loot Table


Heroic mode introduced in Cataclysm

It is said the Deadmines' gold deposits once accounted for a third of Stormwind's treasure reserves. Amid the chaos of the First War, the mines were abandoned and later thought to be haunted, leaving them relatively untouched until the Defias Brotherhood--a group of former laborers turned brigands--claimed the labyrinth as a base of operations for its subversive activities against Stormwind.

VanCleef was defeated, and the Brotherhood was scattered by the warriors and heroes of the Alliance - yet, recently, bandit attacks in Westfall have been on the rise, torch-bearing figures have been seen coming and going from the mines, and the familiar sounds of construction echo through the once-empty tunnels. Could it be that the Defias Brotherhood has returned to the Deadmines?


"Deadmines loot" redirects here. For the pre-Cataclysm instance loot, see Deadmines loot (original)
Boss Item Type
Normal Heroic
Glubtok  [Buzzer Blade]  [Buzzer Blade] Agility dagger
 [Gold-Flecked Gloves] Caster cloth gloves
 [Miner's Cape] Strength cloak
 [Defias Brotherhood Vest] Agility leather chest
 [Vest of the Curious Visitor] Caster leather chest
 [Missing Diplomat's Pauldrons] DPS strength shoulders
 [Shadow of the Past] Strength cloak
Helix Gearbreaker  [Cruel Barb]  [Cruel Barb] Agility sword
 [Impaling Harpoon] Agility polearm
 [Gold-Plated Buckler] Strength shield
 [Smelting Pants] Agility leather leggings
 [Old Friend's Gloves] Spirit mail gloves
 [Gear-Marked Gauntlets] Strength gloves
 [Gearbreaker's Bindings] Spirit plate bracers
 [Cloak of Thredd] Agility cloak
Foe Reaper 5000  [Buzz Saw]  [Buzz Saw] Agility sword
 [Emberstone Staff]  [Emberstone Staff] Caster staff
 [Foe Reaper]  [Foe Reaper] Strength two-hand mace
Admiral Ripsnarl  [Rockslicer]  [Rockslicer] Agility two-hand axe
 [Smite's Reaver]  [Smite's Reaver] Strength one-hand axe
 [Lavishly Jeweled Ring]  [Lavishly Jeweled Ring] DPS caster ring
"Captain" Cookie  [Cookie's Stirring Rod]  [Cookie's Stirring Rod] Caster wand
 [Cookie's Tenderizer]  [Cookie's Tenderizer] Strength one-hand mace
 [Thief's Blade]  [Thief's Blade] Agility sword
 [Corsair's Overshirt]  [Corsair's Overshirt] Caster cloth chest
 [Cape of the Brotherhood]  [Cape of the Brotherhood] Agility cloak
Vanessa VanCleef  [Armbands of Exiled Architects] Caster cloth bracers
 [Daughter's Hands] Spirit cloth gloves
 [Cowl of Rebellion] Spirit leather helm
 [VanCleef's Boots] Agility leather boots
 [Bracers of Some Consequence] Agility mail bracers
 [Shackles of the Betrayed] Spirit mail bracers
 [Guildmaster's Greaves] Spirit plate boots
 [Stonemason's Helm] DPS plate helm

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Notes, Tips, & Additional Info

  • It was commonly known as "VC" (named for its previous final boss, VanCleef) to avoid confusion with another instance (Dire Maul) that shares the more obvious initials. Since the release of Heroic Deadmines and loss of Shen'dralar reputations, however, the abbreviation DM almost exclusively refers to Deadmines.
  • If you travel to a small cove north of Yojamba Isle (in northwestern Northern Stranglethorn), you can see a large water gate which leads to the docks inside Deadmines. However, you cannot enter or leave through this. Interestingly, inside the Deadmines this gate exists to the North, but outside the gates exit to the south.
  • Very popular video which won the Rise to Power contest was based on The Deadmines and its (old) bosses.