Wow The Jade Forest Quests

The Jade Forest is zone of lush rainforests and stone spires. The Pandarenbuildings at the top of some of the spires create impressive vistas. As the beginning zone for existing players (level 85+?), the Horde crash on the northwestern side of the zone and the Alliance wash ashore on the southwestern side. Players meet the hozen and the jinyu. The Horde try to befriend the hozen and the Alliance try to sway the jinyu. The efforts of the two factions trying to win over these groups of denizens will bring them into more conflict and generate negative energy that will appear as the Sha.

This zone contains the level 85-86 dungeon Temple of the Jade Serpent which the players must cleanse of the Sha created by the conflict in the zone.

Races  Pandaren
 Ironforge dwarf
Major settlements The Arboretum
Dawn's Blossom
Pearlfin Village
Jade Temple Grounds
Tian Monastery
Grookin Hill
Affiliation Neutral
Location Eastern Pandaria

The Jade Forest storyline covers all of the quests leading to and in the Jade Forest. Both factions start out in their capital cities of Stormwindand Orgrimmar before shipping out to Pandaria. An encounter with the opposite faction takes place and both factions crash land at opposite ends of the zone. After getting settled, adventurers push forward to Dawn's Blossom and start uncovering the mysteries of Pandaria.

After discovering the secrets of the Temple of the Jade Serpent and the Serpent's Heart, players are sent to the Valley of the Four Winds. Very early in the valley storyline (the third quest in!), players are given the opportunity to travel to Krasarang Wilds and complete the parallel wilds storyline instead of questing through the valley.

Side quests

There are several side quests in Jade Forest that either have no prerequistes or can be skipped without affecting the greater storyline.

Nectarbreeze Orchard

In the southwest, roughly halfway between the Serpent's Heart and Wayward Landing, is the Nectarbreeze Orchard. The farmers have been surprised bymogu raiders kidnapping pandaren to enslave them!

Optional breadcrumb:  [86] An Air of Worry

  1.  [86] Defiance,  [86] Rally the Survivors,  [86] Spitfire,  [86] Orchard-Supplied Hardware
  2.  [86] The Splintered Path
  3.  [86] Unbound &  [86] Maul Gormal

Goldendraft and Wanderbrew

Lovers from two opposing families wish to ignore the years of hatred between their families and start a new life together.

After  [86] Welcome to Dawn's Blossom:

  1.  [86] The Threads that Stick
    • Optional side quest:  [86] The Silkwood Road
  2.  [86] Find the Boy
  3.  [86] Shrine of the Dawn
    • Optional side quests:  [86] The Perfect Color,  [86] Quill of Stingers
  4.  [86] Getting Permission

Tian Monastery

North of the great bridge across from Dawn's Blossom over the Forest Heart is the Tian Monastery.

Optional breadcrumb:  [85] Tian Monastery

  1.  [86] The High Elder
  2.  [86] A Courteous Guest
  3.  [86] The Great Banquet
  4. Complete all of:
    • Making a weapon
    1.  [86] Groundskeeper Wu
    2.  [86] A Proper Weapon
    3.  [86] A Strong Back,  [86] A Steady Hand,  [86] And a Heavy Fist
      •  [86] Burning Bright
    • Perfecting the form
    1.  [86] Your Training Starts Now
    2.  [86] Perfection
    3.  [86] Attention
    • Single-target and group combat
    1.  [86] Becoming Battle-Ready
    2.  [86] Zhi-Zhi, the Dextrous &  [86] Husshun, the Wizened
    3.  [86] Xiao, the Eater
    4.  [86] A Test of Endurance
    5.  [86] The Rumpus
  5.  [86] Flying Colors

The Sprites' Plight

Up at Emperor's Omen, players may run across a corpse of an Outcast Sprite. It offers  [86] The Sprites' Plight, a side-chain dealing with the mogu.

  1.  [86] The Sprites' Plight
  2.  [86] Break the Cycle &  [86] Simulacrumble
  3.  [86] An Urgent Plea
  4.  [86] Ritual Artifacts &  [86] Vessels of the Spirit &  [86] The Wayward Dead
  5.  [86] Back to Nature &  [86] A Humble Offering
  6.  [86] To Bridge Earth and Sky
  7.  [86] Pei-Back