OKAYGOODS.COM is a registered company based in China. We have three branches in the world. One is in the United States. One is in the United Kingdom and one is in the Australia. Our core business is in  MMO secondary markets, for the buying and selling virtual currencies and property. We started this business in 2005.

Our annual sales total more than $6 million dollars. We have more than 1 million registered users. The amount of orders we have processed is more over 1 million and nearly to 2 million. We employee over 100 staff full time.We have 1000+ computers. We have our own livechat system, and many special ITs to make us more professional, more efficient. We can supply the best service with lowest cost. This is the reason make us the no.1 in the MMO secondary market.

In this Time of The New Media, we develop a new partner system.  If you have fans or you have the ability to get fans, You will have the chance to cooperate with us to make money. We let you decide your site's name, price and sale strategy. We will build this site for you and be responsible for the customer reception, goods delievery, and the service after sale. We will give you half of the gross profit(your selling price subtract our suppling price) as the commission. You can apply us to pay you at any time. 

Elysium PVP Alliance Price

Elysium PVP Alliance 5 Piece Gold $3.74
Elysium PVP Alliance 6 Piece Gold $4.49
Elysium PVP Alliance 7 Piece Gold $5.24
Elysium PVP Alliance 8 Piece Gold $5.98
Elysium PVP Alliance 9 Piece Gold $6.73
Elysium PVP Alliance 10 Piece Gold $7.48
Elysium PVP Alliance 12 Piece Gold $8.98
Elysium PVP Alliance 15 Piece Gold $11.22
Elysium PVP Alliance 18 Piece Gold $13.46
Elysium PVP Alliance 20 Piece Gold $14.96
Elysium PVP Alliance 25 Piece Gold $18.70
Elysium PVP Alliance 30 Piece Gold $22.44

Elysium PVP Horde Price

Elysium PVP Horde5 PieceGold$3.74
Elysium PVP Horde6 PieceGold$4.49
Elysium PVP Horde7 PieceGold$5.24
Elysium PVP Horde8 PieceGold$5.98
Elysium PVP Horde9 PieceGold$6.73
Elysium PVP Horde10 PieceGold$7.48
Elysium PVP Horde12 PieceGold$8.98
Elysium PVP Horde15 PieceGold$11.22
Elysium PVP Horde18 PieceGold$13.46
Elysium PVP Horde20 PieceGold$14.96
Elysium PVP Horde25 PieceGold$18.70
Elysium PVP Horde30 PieceGold$22.44


1) Professional
OkayGoods is a registered company. We have an order auto process system, we have our own chat system, and we have a good system to let us contact our supplier quickly. Even some game we have our farming team.

2) Safety
We can refund you in 24 hours if we cannot deliver your purchase after your order has been placed. Some orders can be refunded immediately after you have asked for a refund. Because the right to refund belongs the our selling manager, refunding cannot take place except when he is at work. Do not worry though, as we have a 24 hour guarantee.The picture below is the screenshot of our PayPal verification status. The Seller Reputation shows 911 Verified Buyers. This means that 911 verified PayPal members have paid us. I don't know how it works exactly because PayPal has stopped doing reputation recording. I remember that my account had built so much reputation for 5 years, but the numbers have never changed. Some of our new PayPal accounts have been registered for 3 years, and still do not have reputation. It is hard to match this high reputation these days, so please be assured that we are a trustable seller. Buying from us is 100% safe.

3) Fast Delivery
Why can we give you a fast delivery? Because we have there strong-points. First, we have our own farming team in some games. Second, we are a famous MMORPG Secondary Market, and have many suppliers. Third, we have a perfect system to process order automatically.

Contact okaygoods


okaygoodsservice@outlook.com ( Be careful,some scammers use my skype ID as screen name to cheat others.)

If you have some big cooperation project, you can add our manager skype. His skype ID is wangyulong150.


925850529 (QQ nickname:亮亮工作室2)

manager QQ is 562376783 (maybe not reply in time, this QQ most for the cooperation project)




US: +001(209)753-4925

CN: +0086-0551 63858894

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