Nostalrius/Elysium Power Leveling Customized

Power Leveling

Our Pricing for Powerleveling:
Level 1-10: ~ $30 $40
Level 1-20: ~ $70 $85
Level 1-30: ~ $130 $150
Level 1-40: ~ $205 $225
Level 1-50: ~ $315 $330
Level 1-60: ~ $410 $490

Please don't contact us with requests to level you 1-60 for $50 - it is not possible, and you should seek help elsewhere.

Profession Leveling

We are expanding our services and now we offer profession leveling. We can boost up your Mining, Skinning, Herbalism, Blacksmithing, Engineering, Leatherworking, Alchemy, Tailoring & Enchanting skills up to 300/300. 
Our requirements for this service is for you to have a mount and to be at least level 52 if you are looking for 300/300 skill. 

Example Pricing for Gathering Professions:
Skinning 300/300: $90, 
Herbalism 300/300: $130, 
Mining 300/300: $150 

All other professions cost more than the gathering ones, pricing are different and dependant on many other things. Get in touch for details.

Nostalrius/Elysium Power Leveling Customized Quotation Price

12-14 days(Level 1-60)


This service allows great flexibility to power level your character to the level of your choice.
Accomplished by our highly experienced and skilled staff, playing your character by hand.
Keep all value drops and gold in your bag.

Guy4game Nostalrius/Elysium Power Leveling Customized Quotation Reviews

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Review by Anonymity
First time actually using face-to-face, was smooth and no kinky stuff! Have only used auction before but needed quick goldz and I got it within 15 minutes!
Review by John
Thank you for notifying me of the situation, I am a very happy customer of  Guy4game and will continue to be. The service and reliability of your site is outstanding!! And I ask you to take all the time you need and greatly appretiate  your concern over this matter. Thank you.
Review by harrison
I waited for a long time... paid by credit card and the payment went through, but the online chat is not saying anything....seems falling in traps..
Review by Jacques
Fast, simple, easy, best prices around, only thing i wish they would do is make a notification to let us know when they are ready for a restock as waiting to sell can be a pain when stocks are full,
Review by By****i
lower price is i like your website most, hope you can keep it cheap all the time.
Review by Shota Phile
I've played a lot of MMOs and bought a lot of gold, but Guy4game is the most professional service I have ever used. They don't spam you in game, they don't rip you off, and you get your currency within a few minutes. I've never had to wait longer than 5 minutes to receive my gil.
Review by Tim
The first delivery was nearly instant. The last two took some time, but I can understand why. I contacted the live chat between deliveries one and two, then the last two gamers came just as fast as the first. Thank you.
Review by lan Verhoeven
Just received my gold, very fast and the transaction is very smooth! Will surely recommend my friends to here.
Review by Anonymity
1-48 hour dunemaul horde 50.000 gold. Delivered within 15 minutes, awesome job :)
Review by Anonymity
Amazing prices, Fast Delivery, Customer Service is A+
Review by joey
very good service i was scared at first but its legit and they actually get you what u order and everything. 100% safe! I only trust this site no other ones.
Review by chris Oakley
excellent service these guys are legends spent almost 2000 dollars here, powerleveling, gold, you name it. these guys are terrific! will definatly use again :) 5/5.
Review by Anonymity
I cant believe how fast the service is with this company. 5 minutes at the most and the order was delivered. Amazing.
Review by Anonymity
ur website is really easy to use. I think u guys r doing great ur service is amazing and I would definetly recommend u to all my friends