Elysium PvP Gold Horde

About Elysium

Dear community,

We hope that you're spending happy holidays and we are excited to reveal the release date of our new realm, Elysium!

Elysium will be a PvP realm and will follow the same progress as the two older realms regarding timeline and items. The timeline will be revealed next Sunday.

We look forward to seeing you on January 7th!

Elysium PvP Gold Horde Price

Price Average Delivery Time
$0.13633 / Gold 97% Customers Get Gold <0.5 Hour
Delivery Method: Highly recommend Auction House Delivery Mode which is a fast and safe trade method for delivering gold.
Set up items in A.H. after ordering and make sure to add 5% auction fee to the buyout price. We will buy your items.
Amount Price
30 Gold $ 4.09
40 Gold $ 5.39
50 Gold $ 6.69
60 Gold $ 8.09
70 Gold $ 9.39
80 Gold $ 10.69
90 Gold $ 11.99
100 Gold $ 13.29
150 Gold $ 19.89
200 Gold $ 26.39
300 Gold $ 39.59
400 Gold $ 52.59
500 Gold $ 65.59
600 Gold $ 78.59
700 Gold $ 91.49
800 Gold $ 104.39
900 Gold $ 117.19
1000 Gold $ 129.99
1200 Gold $ 155.59
1500 Gold $ 194.09
2000 Gold $ 258.29
3000 Gold $ 386.59

Guy4game Elysium PvP Gold Horde Reviews

Below, you can find Guy4game reviews written by users. Find out if Guy4game is legit or a scam. Learn first-hand experiences about buying currency from this gold seller. Discover Guy4game delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is Guy4game legit? Is Guy4game safe and reliable?

Review by Anonymity
3rd time buying. Still good but took longer this time (around 2h30-3 hours) to get full payment. Still awesome! Recommended A++ Prices are getting higher thought.. Lower them and I'll buy more!
Review by Anonymity
Very good, best prices, much faster then I expected.
Review by John Dunlap
Awesome support helped me with all of the stuff I needed answered
Review by vincent
i had questions concerning AH delivery and Vincent helped me very well ! Perfect customer service! Thanks again !
Review by Kiwibloke Ozzie
Have never thought it was safe to buy gold till i came here. They are very professional and the chat system with them online was great. I ordered 50k which they only had 34k on hand. Got most of the money withing 6 hours until they had a problem with getting the last part so i waited overnight and in the morning they had the remainder + 25% of the undelivered amount which was great. I would have no problem using them again.
Review by Nathan Coffin
You guys are the only website I order gold from anymore, no one I have found has been nearly as dependable..
Review by Ali
I been a customer since perhaps 2007, G4G always gave me 110% of what i ask for with great timing and quality. always keeping me satisfied and happy thank you G4G..
Review by Os****n
The gold bought here can be worked very well, thanks all of the hard working to help me.
Review by Darius
sold few hundr mils went fast without any problems, very polite, got cash instantly 10/10. and indeed best prices to buy or sell gold! well done!
Review by man for gold
I make order for rs3 money on Guy4game, and the live helper gave a good service already, so I will be back for other things.
Review by Joe
Thank you so much, bought a lvl 50 and got it within 5 minutes after i bought it. Safe, legit, and quick. :)
Review by Dennis Tan
Not the first time to buy the SWTOR Credits, choose your site because you guys have the stock and need not to wait, only receive my Credits in 15 minutes.
Review by Carlson
Didn't expect it to be completed so fast! Got the gold within 15 mins..
Review by Anonymity
Extremely Fast delivery. As soon as I purchased my gold my items were bought from the Auction house. I do wish that you covered auction fees since I ended up -5,000 gold after the AH took its cut. But I will use service again. I just wont buy as much gold. Thanks. *Thumbs Up*