Zeth'Kur PVP Gold Horde

Elysium Gold Available

Elysium PvP was launched on 7th January. We were working tirelessly on updating the website, which now allows you to purchase accounts directly from us. Nostalrius PvP price is now on the record low - 100g costs just $19.95, the more you purchase, the better discount you get. Zeth'Kur gold will be available in the following weeks.

Please don't get fooled by the in-game spammers. All of their client details were leaked recently (spam sites hacked), which resulted in a massive ban-wave of over 2500 accounts. The leaked orders can be found here. Our customer accounts remained intact, mostly due to the type of website we have - for the technical people, it is based on plain HTML and our information is stored in Paypal's database only, as we don't have any login system incorporated with our site - nothing to breach, but harder to maintain. Be smart, stay safe :)

Zeth'Kur PVP Gold Horde Price

Price Average Delivery Time
$0.15633 / Gold 97% Customers Get Gold <0.5 Hour
Delivery Method: Highly recommend Auction House Delivery Mode which is a fast and safe trade method for delivering gold.
Set up items in A.H. after ordering and make sure to add 5% auction fee to the buyout price. We will buy your items.
Amount Price
30 Gold $ 4.69
40 Gold $ 6.19
50 Gold $ 7.79
60 Gold $ 9.29
70 Gold $ 10.79
80 Gold $ 12.29
90 Gold $ 13.79
100 Gold $ 15.29
150 Gold $ 22.89
200 Gold $ 30.49
300 Gold $ 45.59
400 Gold $ 60.69
500 Gold $ 75.69
600 Gold $ 90.69
700 Gold $ 105.59
800 Gold $ 120.39
900 Gold $ 135.19
1000 Gold $ 149.99
1200 Gold $ 179.59
1500 Gold $ 223.99
2000 Gold $ 298.09
3000 Gold $ 446.19

Guy4game Zeth'Kur PVP Gold Reviews

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Review by lovelygirl
Just do your purchase here,it is really a legal and worthy site...
Review by Anonymity
Greatest and cheapest service ever no other site has pricing this good. I will be a loyal customer forever.
Review by Kaith Watter
I need rsgold badly, i would like to buy 80m from you guys, and how long can i get it? Could I gain a discount for runescape gold for sale on your site?
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BEST gold purchasing website EVER - 10/10!! - Rated from the UK!!
Review by Anonymity
Great service! Reccomended for anyone who is looking to buy gold!
Review by Bonnie R
Summer holiday is coming, it is time for me to well enjoy my game, this time the WOW Gold is a little bit longer than last time, but I still can understand it.
Review by Gator
same here thought was gonna get ripped off but went to their facebook page to the 24/7 customer service got my gold in less than 5 minutes staff is great delivery is great everything is wonderful and it is 1100% legit thank you Guy4game :P.
Review by superwaddy
very goood website really fast and reliable only problem is nobody is ever at the live support apart from that its awesome.
Review by Colin
I am writing this because I want to commend Leo on the excellent customer service that I have received from him.
Although there was a small problem with my card issuing company, once I sent the required documentation back to Guy4game,
Leo did an amazing job at approving my order. I am a repeat customer and I will be recommending Guy4game to all of my friends.
Once again I would like to commend Leo on his excellent customer service skills.
Review by James L
very pleasent to talk to and the live support staff are very helpful, 10/10 so far, waiting on delivery but will definately come back to Guy4game again!
Review by shayne gordon
i just wanted to say i got excellent customer service from Shine today on my order of daoc plat, he's doing a wonderful job and the delivery was quick, thanks.
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Here runescape gold is cheap, and I have bought some for me. It's my first time to pay real money for rs gold on this site. Last time, I got some for free, and this time, I want to buy runescape gold cause I think these guys do a real deal because last time, they gave me free rs gold after giveaway.
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I was very skeptical about buying something off a site like, to then have to trust someone to actually deliver it to me AFTER giving them my money! I must say, everything went off without a hitch! Flawless! I even had the customer service rep on chat while the transaction took place! I recommend this site 100%, and will definitely be back again!!