Nostalrius/Elysium Alchemy Power Leveling

Vanilla WoW Alchemy 1-300 Guide

The recipe's used require vendor bought components such as vials. These cost gold. To learn recipe's from a trainer also costs gold. The amount of gold needed is approximately 40 to 50 gold if you farm all of the herbs. If you want to buy everything you need from the auction house expect to spend upwards to 225 gold. This does not include gold for recipe's from vendors or the auction house.

1 - 60 
Minor Healing Potions (1 x Peacebloom, 1 x Sliverleaf, 1 x Empty Vial) x 60 

61 - 110 
Lesser Healing Potion (1 x Minor Healing Potion, 1 x Briarthorn) x 50 

111 - 140 
Healing Potion (1 x Bruiseweed, 1 x Briarthorn, 1 x Leaded Vial) x 30 

141 - 155 
Lesser Mana Potion (1 x Mageroyal, 1 x Stranglekelp, 1 x Leaded Vial) x 15 

156 - 185 
Greater Healing Potion (1 x Liferoot, 1 x Kingsblood, 1 x Leaded Vial) x 30 

186 - 210 
Elixir of Agility (1 x Stranglekelp, 1 x Goldthorn, 1 x Leaded Vial) x 25 

211 - 215 
Elixir of Greater Defence (1 x Steelbloom, 1 x Goldthorn, 1 x Leaded Vial) x 5 

216 - 230 
Superior Healing Potion (1 x Sungrass, 1 x Khadgar's Whisker, 1 x Crystal Vial) x 15 

231 - 250 
Elixir of Detect Undead (1 x Arthas' Tears, 1 x Crystal Vial) x 20 

251 - 265 
Elixir of Greater Agility (1 x Sungrass, 1 x Goldthorn, 1 x Crystal Vial) x 15 

266 - 285 
Superior Mana Potion (2 x Sungrass, 2 x Blindweed, 1 x Crystal Vial) x 20 

286 - 300 
Major Healing Potion (2 x Golden Sansam, 1 x Mountain Silversage, 1 x Crystal vial) x 20

Alchemy Power Leveling Price

Alchemy 0-300 Power Leveling $89.99
Estimated Time2-3 days.

Purchase Requirement

Character Level 52.

Should have a mount.

Product Description

We will powerlevel your Alchemy from Lv0 to Lv300.

All gold and valuable materials will be left in your bag.

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