Nostalrius/Elysium Cooking Power Leveling

Cooking Power Leveling Price

Cooking 0-300 Power Leveling $69.99
Estimated Time2-3 days.

Purchase Requirement

Character Level 52.

Should have a mount.

Product Description

We will powerlevel your Cooking from Lv0 to Lv300.

All gold and valuable materials will be left in your bag.

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Vanilla WoW Cooking 1-300 Guide

   22 x [Roasted Boar Meat] = 22 x [Chunk of Boar Meat]
      6 x [Roasted Boar Meat] = 6 x [Chunk of Boar Meat]      -      all yellow
(Note: from 35 to 51 you can create 16 x [Roasted Kodo Meat] = 8 x [Kodo Meat])

Learn [Journeyman Cook] at your trainer

   40 x [Strider Stew] = 20 x [Strider Meat]
      20 x [Strider Stew] = 10 x [Strider Meat]      -      all yellow
      10 x [Boiled Clams] = 10 x [Clam Meat]      -      all yellow
   40 x [Crispy Lizard Tail] = 20 x [Thunder Lizard Tail]

Buy [Expert Cookbook] from 
(A) Shandrina â€” in Ashenvale
(H) Wulan â€” in Desolace

      50 x [Crispy Lizard Tail] = 25 x [Thunder Lizard Tail]      -      all yellow
   2 x [Goblin Deviled Clams] = 2 x [Tangy Clam Meat]
      10 x [Goblin Deviled Clams] = 10 x [Tangy Clam Meat]      -      all yellow
   20 x [Mystery Stew] = 20 x [Mystery Meat]
   5 x [Spider Sausage] = 10 x [White Spider Meat]

EDIT from GM Bemidji - Make sure you pick up the quest from the cooking trainer in Orgrimmar before heading to Tanaris.

Go to Gadgetzan and speak to Dirge Quikcleave to obtain Artisan cooking quest - [45] Clamlette Surprise (he's in the tavern). Whilst your there, buy [Recipe: Tender Wolf Steak]
You'll need 12 Giant Eggs, 10 Zesty Clam Meat and 20 Alterac Swiss. 
You can buy Alterac Swiss from Innkeeper Abeqwa â€” in Freewind Post, Thousand Needles

   20 x [Tender Wolf Steak] = 20 x [Tender Wolf Meat]
   20 x [Monster Omelet] = 20 x [Giant Egg]
   20 x [Spotted Yellowtail] = 20 x [Raw Spotted Yellowtail]

      20 x [Tender Wolf Steak] = 20 x [Tender Wolf Meat]      -      all yellow
      20 x [Monster Omelet] = 20 x [Giant Egg]      -      all yellow
      20 x [Spotted Yellowtail] = [Raw Spotted Yellowtail]      -      all yellow

Go to Silithus and take the quest chain that starts with "[57] Desert Recipe" so you will learn how to create [Smoked Desert Dumplings]

   8 x [Smoked Desert Dumplings] = 8 x [Sandworm Meat]

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