Goldarius Nostalrius Gold Reviews

Goldarius have created a service where you can buy gold for Elysium Nostalrius Returns private servers, for which you could not waste time for boring grind. We did not use any bugs, bots or cheats to get our gold. All gold is obtained from reliable suppliers and earned only by "legal" ways. Some gold is earned by our staff. We use a unique transmission system of gold, which is unable to detect the Elysium servers administration. After your pay for gold, we will inform you the way of giving you the gold. In order to buy gold, you can contact us using one of the methods mentioned at the bottom of the page.

Gold Nostalrius Elysium 6 $ /50Gold

Why would you choose Goldarius?

- Using a very safe method, no risky / suspicious gold transactions
- Discounts on higher amounts and regular customers
- Always have gold in stock & delivery within 10 minutes
- Have a great reputation!
- Recruit your friends! Both you and your friend(s) will recieve an additional 10% discount!

Skype: Goldariuswow
[email protected]