Nostalrius/Elysium Leatherworking Power Leveling

Vanilla WoW Leatherworking 1-300 Guide

And now the leveling guide:

Materials needed to get to level 250 (so you can make [Refined Deeprock Salt] = [Cured Rugged Hide]):
- 139 x [Light Leather]
- 86 x [Medium Leather]
- 95 x [Heavy Leather]  ( or 60 x [Heavy Leather] if you have  5 x [Iron Buckle] )
- 125 x [Thick Leather]
- 10 x [Light Hide]   -   without them you need extra 27 x [Light Leather]
- 5 x [Medium Hide]
- 10 x [Heavy Hide]   -   without them you need extra 15 x [Heavy Leather] + 25 x [Thick Leather]
- 10 x [Thick Hide]   -   without them you need extra 50 x [Heavy Leather]
- 45 x [Salt]
- 10 x [Deeprock Salt]   -   farm it in Badlands (it takes minutes) if you don't find at AH

- 62 x [Coarse Thread] — 40 x [Fine Thread] — 36 x [Silken Thread] — 14 x [Gray Dye]

In order to get from level 250 to level 300 you need the following materials:
- 32 x [Thick Leather]
- 148 x [Rugged Leather]
- 84 x [Heavy Scorpid Scale]
- 4 x [Heavy Silken Thread] — 23 x [Rune Thread] — 10 x [Black Dye]

   15 x [Light Armor Kit] = 15 x [Light Leather]
   2 x [Handstitched Leather Bracers] = 4 x [Light Leather]
   10 x [Cured Light Hide] = 10 x [Light Hide]
   2 x [Handstitched Leather Bracers] = 4 x [Light Leather]   +   8 x [Small Leather Ammo Pouch] = 21 x [Light Leather]   ==   25 x [Light Leather]

Learn [Journeyman Leatherworking] at your trainer

   15 x [Embossed Leather Gloves] = 45 x [Light Leather]
   3 x [Embossed Leather Cloak] = 15 x [Light Leather]
   10 x [Fine Leather Belt] = 60 x [Light Leather]
   5 x [Cured Medium Hide] = 5 x [Medium Hide]   -   most of the time it will take you to level 119
   4 x [Dark Leather Boots] = 16 x [Medium Leather]

go to Thunder Bluff, talk with Una to learn Expert Leatherworking

   5 x [Dark Leather Cloak] = 40 x [Medium Leather]
   3 x [Toughened Leather Armor] = 30 x [Medium Leather] + 6 x [Cured Light Hide]
   3 x [Dark Leather Pants] = 36 x [Medium Leather]
   5 x [Dark Leather Belt] = 5 x [Fine Leather Belt] + 5 x [Cured Medium Hide]

   10 x [Cured Heavy Hide] = 10 x [Heavy Hide]   -   it's always getting me to level 167
   7 x [Heavy Armor Kit] = 35 x [Heavy Leather]
   3 x [Heavy Armor Kit] = 15 x [Heavy Leather]
         12 x [Heavy Armor Kit] = 60 x [Heavy Leather]   -   all yellow   -   most of the time you only have to create 6 to 8, but I've put 12 for the most unlucky
   5 x [Green Leather Belt] = 25 x [Heavy Leather] + 5 x [Cured Heavy Hide] + 5 x [Iron Buckle]
   5 x [Cured Thick Hide] = 5 x [Thick Hide] + 5 x [Deeprock Salt]
   5 x [Thick Leather] = 30 x [Heavy Leather]
   5 x [Cured Thick Hide] = 5 x [Thick Hide] + 5 x [Deeprock Salt]
   5 x [Guardian Gloves] = 20 x [Heavy Leather] + 5 x [Cured Heavy Hide]
   5 x [Thick Leather] = 30 x [Heavy Leather]

go to Camp Mojache, Feralas and talk to Hahrana Ironhide to learn Artisan Leatherworking

   5 x [Guardian Gloves] = 20 x [Heavy Leather] + 5 x [Cured Heavy Hide]
   5 x [Thick Armor Kit] = 25 x [Thick Leather]
   7 x [Nightscape Headband] = 35 x [Thick Leather]
         6 x [Nightscape Headband] = 30 x [Thick Leather]   -   all yellow   -   most of the time you only have to create 3 pieces
   10 x [Rugged Leather] = 60 x [Thick Leather]
   2 x [Nightscape Boots] = 32 x [Thick Leather]
         4 x [Rugged Armor Kit] = 20 x [Rugged Leather]   -   all yellow
   5 x [Heavy Scorpid Bracers] = 20 x [Rugged Leather] + 20 x [Heavy Scorpid Scale]
   5 x [Wicked Leather Bracers] = 40 x [Rugged Leather]
   5 x [Heavy Scorpid Bracers] = 20 x [Rugged Leather] + 20 x [Heavy Scorpid Scale]
   3 x [Wicked Leather Gauntlets]   OR   3 x [Wicked Leather Bracers] = 24 x [Rugged Leather]
   2 x [Wicked Leather Bracers] = 16 x [Rugged Leather]
         5 x [Wicked Leather Gauntlets] = 40 x [Rugged Leather]      -   all yellow
   8 x [Heavy Scorpid Belt] = 48 x [Rugged Leather] + 64 x [Heavy Scorpid Scale]
   8 x [Heavy Scorpid Leggings] =  64 x [Rugged Leather] + 96 x [Heavy Scorpid Scale]
   8 x [Runic Leather Belt] = 96 x [Rugged Leather] + 80 x [Runecloth]

Leatherworking Power Leveling Price

Leatherworking 0-300 Power Leveling $89.99
Estimated Time2-3 days.

Purchase Requirement

Character Level 52.

Should have a mount.

Product Description

We will powerlevel your Leatherworking from Lv0 to Lv300.

All gold and valuable materials will be left in your bag.

We need to login your account.

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