Nostalrius PVP Gold Horde

About Anathema

  • Anathema
    Item Level 75
    Binds when picked up
    Two-Hand Staff
    42 - 64 Damage Speed 3.00
    (17.75 damage per second)
    +106 Intellect
    +35 Stamina
    +12 Versatility (0.03% @ L110)
    +14 Shadow Resistance
    Durability 120 / 120
    Classes: Priest
    Use: Calls forth Benediction. (30 Min Cooldown)
    Requires Level 60
    Sell Price: 1

Anathema PVP Horde Price

Price Average Delivery Time
$0.05127 / Gold 98% Customers Get Gold <0.5 Hour
Delivery Method: Highly recommend Auction House Delivery Mode which is a fast and safe trade method for delivering gold.
Set up items in A.H. after ordering and make sure to add 5% auction fee to the buyout price. We will buy your items.
Amount Price
90 Gold $ 4.59
100 Gold $ 5.09
150 Gold $ 7.69
200 Gold $ 10.19
300 Gold $ 15.19
400 Gold $ 20.19
500 Gold $ 25.19
600 Gold $ 30.19
700 Gold $ 35.19
800 Gold $ 40.09
900 Gold $ 44.99
1000 Gold $ 49.99
1200 Gold $ 59.79
1500 Gold $ 74.59
2000 Gold $ 99.29
3000 Gold $ 148.59

Guy4game Anathema PVP Horde Reviews

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Review by Anonymity
Cheaper price than my first time, and I recieved it WAY FASTER THAN LAST TIME!!!! NICE
Review by Daniel Stevens
I have bought two items on you site, Oppressor's Longbow and Oppressor's Shortbow, which only takes me 9 USD, thanks a lot.
Review by Anonymity
Perfect service! First I was a little sceptical about all gold sites. However, I was desperate because of my gold situation and remembered that I had some spare $ on my Paypal account. So I thought I'll give it a try. Money was delivered in 30mins and so I ordered another 1000g. Everything was fine that time too, so I got excited and ordered 3000g more. Now I don't need to worry about my gold situation anymore! Thanks Guy4game! I'm definately gonna use your services again!
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thanks your remind ^^ ,just i received one mail that remind me that gold have mailed ,i check it and i have received the mail and got the 100 gw2 gold ,that as your promised ,thanks ^^
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Just wanted to reply and say it was very nice to deal with your company, not only were they straight up and honest about stock levels, but you delivered when you said you would. Both the online chat customer service lady I first dealt with and the member in game who met me we very polite and informative. I will definately use and recommend you to my friends!.
Review by tyler gee
i have just recived my gold, i will be coming bck again as this is my second time getting gold.. thnk you for your security.
Review by cheryl
WOW had major issues with other wowgold providers such as waiting 13 days to recieve gold and spent 30 mins seeing scrolling text on there live help line, recieved a call to verify my details and i was shocked when 2 hours later i recieved the gold!! was expecting it in 2 weeks time :P thankyou for such fast service and brilliant customer care!
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AMAZING service. I swear, my experiences with other gold selling sites have been pathetic. I've been scammed, ripped off, got my old days or weeks late, but these guys deliver. Perfectly. I chose the 48 hours option and still got my gold within 5 minutes. If any gold company deserves my money, it's this one.
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thank you jack for my biggest trade yet im over the moon with my trade i love you guyssss see yall again soon
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I bought a lot of gold from here and always had a superb service. Thanks again!
Review by Anonymity
I was very surprised that it was very fast after I put in my order, this is awesome. I will use this site again and will tell my friends and family members that play.
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This is a best place to buy gw2 gold, great service and fast delivery i like here.
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Bought WoW gold from Guy4game the first time today and i was very pleased. It was out of stock at first but i only had to wait an hour and i got 12K and a bonus of 500g for the wait. Wonderful site i probally will be back for more. If you are thinking about buying you are over thinking it go ahead..