Paladin Attributes & Stats

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This section will go through the various attributes and stats we use, and explain what they do. Attributes have different effects on different classes, and these are the numbers for a paladin at lvl 60. If you’ve ever wondered just how much of a bonus your strength gives you, this will provide the answer.

+2 Armour per point
+1% Melee critical hit chance per 20 points
+1% Dodge chance per 20 points

+15 Mana per point
+1% Spell critical hit chance per ~30 points
Faster weapon skill increase (I don’t know how much faster)

There is dispute here, as some claim it is 59.5 intellect for +1% spell crit, but tests have shown that this value changes between classes and 30 is now generally recognised as the value for a Paladin. From personal experience I support this value being 30.

Health regenerates out of combat only at the rate of: Spirit * 0.25 per 2 seconds
Mana regenerates both in and out of combat at the rate of: (Spirit / 4) + 8 per 2 seconds

For mana, this means every 4 extra Spirit will give +1 mana regen per 2 seconds. Note that this regeneration won’t happen for the first 5 seconds after casting a spell, so you can’t use your magic if you want mana back from spirit. The difference between mana and health regen is that mana will regen while you’re in combat as long as you haven’t cast anything for 5 seconds, while health will only start to regen when you’re no longer flagged as being in combat.

+10 Health per point

+2 Attack Power per point (see Attack Power below for how this adds damage)
Increases the amount of damage you can block with your shield. The formula is: Shield Block Value + (Strength / 22) for the max you can block when you block, so 22 strength gives an extra -1 damage received when you block with a shield.

Attack Power:
+1 DPS (damage per second) per 14 Attack Points, with melee weapons.
This means that at 2 Attack Power per Strength, +7 Strength will add 1 DPS.

Defence will increase naturally as you level, to 300 base at lvl 60, but can also be increased by items/talents etc. It has the following effects:
+1% Parry per 25 points
+1% Dodge per 25 points
+1% Block per 25 points (shield needed)
+1% chance to be Missed per 25 points
-1% chance of receiving a Critical Hit per 25 points

Our total armour rating is calculated as follows:
((Agility * 2) + Equipped Item Armour + Devotion Aura + External Buffs) * Modifiers

With “Modifiers”, I mean for example the +30% armour for 2 minutes gained by casting Improved Lay of Hands on yourself. If you had 1000 armour, you’d get 1000 * 1.3 = 1300 total armour, for the duration of the LoH. External Buffs would be things like the +240 Armour from a Protection Scroll.

You may be wondering which attributes we need, and that I will address later on. Needless to say, different roles require different attributes and as a multi-role class that means a lot of different gear for a paladin to perform effectively :)

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