Paladin Auras

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The auras are as follows:

Devotion Aura:

The most common aura, this simply adds an armour bonus to help reduce physical damage taken. This will have more effect on a cloth wearer than on a fully tanked up warrior with a shield, but useful for all. Also more useful if you use a 2h weapon, as it helps cover the armour lost by not having a shield. The max at lvl 60 is +735 armour, or +882 if you have 5 points invested in the improved aura. In a raid, this will most often be given to the tank.

Retribution Aura:

After Devotion, this one is seen a lot. It simply adds holy damage to anyone who physically attacks someone covered by this aura. At lvl 60, it will do 20 damage for each hit or 30 if you have the full 5 talent points to improve it. I find this aura perfect to use against rogues or dual-wielding fury warriors, as with two (usually fast) weapons the damage soon adds up! Also useful when you’re grinding mobs and pulling several at once.

Concentration Aura:

This one is rarely used by most paladins, but is bloody important. What it does is add a 35% chance to not set back your casting meter if you are hit while casting a spell. Mages and priests will love having this on, and for the paladin this means if you use spiritual focus (max 70% chance to heal uninterrupted), combined with concentration aura you will get 100% uninterrupted healing. Yes, it does stack this way – you can be hit by 20 mobs at once and still not get your healing time set back. When other casters don’t need this constantly, ie. when I’m solo, I will use Dev or Ret aura for combat and quickly switch Concentration on immediately before any heal to ensure I don’t lose time on casting, then switch back after. It’s also the aura I usually have up in PvP, as when I need to heal there I really, really don’t want to be interrupted.

Resistance Auras:

The remaining “trainer bought” auras add resistance to Shadow, Frost or Fire damage. These do stack with any resistances from items, and add +60 to each at the highest level. The paladin’s ability to add +60 fire resistance for example is rather useful for a group going to take on Onyxia or MC. Simply use these when the damage you take is one of these types, and don’t forget it works in PvP too – fire res against a fire mage, frost res against a frost mage, shadow res against a shadow priest or warlock. If you know what type of damage is coming your way, switch the appropriate aura on.

Sanctity Aura:

This one can only be obtained by paladins who have enough points invested in the Retribution talent tree to get it. It will add 10% to any holy damage dealt by a group member under the influence. This is useful if you go for a high Retribution build as it will increase all your holy damage from SoC, JoC etc. and can help a paladin who intends to tank by causing more damage for generating aggro. Holy paladins will love being grouped with a Ret paladin who has this aura up.

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