Basic Paladin Partying Strategies

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You will have two roles in a party: healer and tank. One of these will come first and one second, depending on the makeup of your party. Make sure you (and others) are aware of your role from the outset to avoid problems later. Normally, if no priest is in your party you will be healing while trying to keep aggro off the 'weaker' party members.

If you are tanking, you should probaly always have righteous fury on - it is always better for a paladin to get aggro instead of the squishies in case the warrior drops. Begin the fight, and when the mobs get to you, use consecrate at least once. Consecration is your friend. It's also the friend of all those AoE addict mages and warlocks out there. Just make sure they don't start AoEing untill your consecration has been going for a few seconds, and keep casting it as they keep AoEing. And make sure you have righteous fury on. If you start getting low on mana, this technique is mana intensive, then begin the fight with seal/blessing of wisdom and keep using them throughout the fight. It will help to keep your mana up.

Also note when someone in your group uses crowd control. Consecrate is notorious for breaking all kinds of crowd control - if you can avoid using it around sheep, mobs on ice, shackled undead, then don't. If you are the only possible tank in the group, then it is better that the group allow some room between the mobs that are getting CCed and where you grab aggro. And if your group is using hunter traps, or wyverns stings, or the crowd control tends to break early, you should probaly save holy shock for getting aggro when the newly freed mob goes straite for your squishes.

While you can keep a party member alive simply by healing them and not pulling any aggro off them, this is not to say they will be just as effective. Prime examples of this are mages: Their DPS will drop if their casting is being hampered by being hit. Their DPS will be much higher if they can get off their spells at maximum speed while you tank.

Buff everyone in your party to their best advantage. Ask your party what blessings they would like. You will be loved. The party will most likely be better as a result of each member being given the blesses they prefer and like to work with best. If another pally is in the group, talk with him and the rest of the group that way all members have 2 blesses that they like. You will be loved. Same sort of thing for multiple pallies and auras. You will be loved.

Also, if there is more than one paladin in the group, make sure you use your judgements and seals in concert, and do your best to all judge the same mob. Decide early which paladin (or other player) will be the one that the others assist. One possible combination for three paladins:

1. Judgement of Justice, Seal of Justice (prevent fleeing, give stun chance)
2. Judgement of the Crusader, Seal of Righteousness or of Command (maximum Holy damage)

If the mob being attacked gets cowardly and tends to flee when he finds out that he won't outlast the player characters, the first one is indispensible. For maximum damage, the second one is very good, but that's all it's good for.

If it's only one mob, and that a boss, if you're most concerned about simply making it out alive, all paladins in the group should use the Seal of Justice. This may cause the stun to stack so that he may never recover from it, if the hit rate and the stun rate is good enough. Even in this case, there should be at least two different judgements on him.

Use auras that provide the best benefit to the party, not just to you. Retribution is probably better used when all of the party already has pretty good defense, because the differential won't be that significant. However, when in a group of squishies, especially if they have a tendency to generate aggro, Devotion should be best because that extra armor may just nearly double their defense capability and keep them alive a considerable amount longer. Concentration may be one that is least used, and should never be chosen if there is only one paladin in a group.

Pay attention to your party members health. Make sure you heal them when they need it, or you may be resurrecting more often than you might want to. Also, the death of one party member may lead to a higher probability of a wipe.

As a paladin, most of our increased healing power comes through +healing items and enchantments, as well as a good chunk of damage comming from +spell power. Just for general information, here is a list of enchantments that are useful to us:

* Hands - +30 Healing
* Head - +10 Stamina, +7 Defense and +24 Healing (ZG)
* Legs - +10 Stamina, +7 Defense and +24 Healing (ZG)
* Shoulder - +33 Healing - Exalted - Zandalar Tribe (ZG)
* Weapon - +55 Healing
* Weapon - +30 Spell power
* Bracers - +5 mana/second

Duel Strategies

* Warrior, you should be able to beat 5 lv higher than you, You have 2 stuns, use the first one to damage, the second one to heal yourself. For same level fights you won't even have to shield yourself to win.

* Rogue, First if you are human use perception and the hammer of justice. Cheapshot has a 5 yard range, hammer has 10 yard, it is very very hard for a Rogue to land the cheapshot but even if he does land it, it is no problem. Once again, stun to damage, sleep to divine favor heal. When you do go immune, use your bandage. You only need cleanse to remove poison and seal of crusader to do damage. Don't let your health go below 30% and you can survive biggest combos.
Also, a 'Reckoning Bomb' is useful, especially against high-level rogues. This is when you stop attacking them, and let the crits roll in for a few seconds, to build up 5 charges of Reckoning (talent in the Protection Tree), then attack. All 5 extra melee attacks hit at once, and if you've got Seal of Command going, it can proc as well.

* Hunter, Once again, the two stuns and your big 2 hander will easily allow you to close the range. Cleanse and blessing of freedom as much as you can. Worst case divine shield and bandage. Try to get off a repentance -> divine favor heal. This fight is cake. The so called "kiting" does not work at all versus Paladins.
A note: CLEANSE VIPER STING! It costs the hunter more mana to cast viper sting than for you to cast cleanse. Do it.

* Priest, "hard matchup". Here is how you can make it easy. A priest will not try to damage you until they drain your mana (any damage they do just repentance them and heal yourself). Stun them on any mana burn attempt if you are in range and whack them with your 2 hander. Eventually you will be low on mana, now the priest will try to damage you. It is almost impossible for a priest to shut you down so hard that you can not even divine shield, divine shield and bandage and priest will simply run out of mana. And worst case pop a LOH and there is no way he has enough mana to drain all of your mana as well as killing you.

* Mage, Blessing of Freedom will free you from root/snare spell. Go whack them and try to stun them out of spells. They will blink, no problem, you run up to them and repentance them, now they can't blink and you can either get some hits in or heal yourself. Outlast is the key here and once again you can always divine and bandage yourself. Make sure you stun->repentance in conjunction of each other and you will have no problems destroying mages. Mana for healing > mana for damage, especially consider the mage has to sheep you if you get low. If you get lucky, you might get a mage that'll fall for the fake heal hearthstone. Otherwise, try to get him to counterspell by canceling a heal before they counterspell.

* Shaman, The idea here is to gain control of the battle from the Shaman. When Earthshock hits, you're put on cooldown for 2 seconds. Use Flash of Light to bait them into blowing Earthshock early - remember, shocks are all on the same 6 second cooldown. Then after the cooldown is gone, go into a normal Holy Light heal. When they plant a totem, walk away from it. Cleanse those Frost Shocks, and re-bless and re-seal when they Purge. The key is to out last their mana. Heal early, heal often. When you Shield up, bandage to conserve mana. As soon as a Shaman is out of mana, they are reduced to melee. And you wear plate :D

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