Paladin Blessings

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The core of a Paladin support role comes from our blessings. Up to lvl 60, these will last a max of 5 minutes per cast and provide bonuses to the recipient. At lvl 60 you can then get Greater Blessings, which last 15 minutes but cost more mana per cast and require the reagent Symbol of Kings each time. These reagents can be bought in stacks of 20 for 30s, or 24s if you have enough reputation to reduce the price. Also note that a Greater blessing will be cast on anyone of the same class as the actual target, if they’re within range – so if 3 rogues are close and you cast Might on one, they will all get it. The blessings available are as follows:

Blessing of Might:

A blessing to help those doing melee damage, this blessing adds attack power when cast. The highest is +155 at lvl 60, though you can use talent points to make this stronger and there is also a higher level of the blessing available as a drop from AQ20 that will give +185. The max from BoM is +22 with 5 points improving it and the extra rank from AQ. This is usually the primary blessing to give to Warriors, feral Druids, Rogues and Paladins who do damage.

Blessing of Wisdom:

This one is for casters, regenerating mana every 5 seconds. The highest at lvl 60 is +30 mana every 5 seconds, though again there is one available as a drop that will do +33. If you have it improved through talents that adds another 20%. Generally anyone who uses mana will want this, though with most cloth-wearers I’d give them Salvation first, and then Wisdom if there’s a second Paladin around.

Blessing of Salvation:

This one simply reduces threat generation, up to -30% at the highest level. A great blessing for cloth wearers, as keeping them safe is rather vital when in a group. Also should be given to any other non-tanks if there are multiple paladins around, but if you’re the only one this is generally just for clothies and classes with more armour will prefer other blessings first in a small instance. An extremely valuable blessing for large raids, probably the most important for a dps class when you need the tank to keep aggro at all times.

Blessing of Sacrifice:

Not often used, this one takes damage away from the target and deals it to the paladin who cast the blessing instead. At the highest level this transfers 55 damage per hit. Note that this blessing only has a length of 30 seconds, meaning frequent spamming of it if you intend to keep it on someone. Useful perhaps in some situations, like if you’re supporting a warrior who’s being hit by a rogue with two fast daggers. It also means you can’t be sheeped with this on someone, as you’ll keep receiving damage from them to break it.

Blessing of Light:

Casting this will make your Holy Light and Flash of Light healing spells more effective on the target. At the highest level this adds up to +400 for Holy Light and +115 to Flash of Light. This is great in groups for anyone you’ll be focusing your healing on, ie. a tank. In large raids, if you have enough paladins, putting this on everyone is very nice.

Blessing of Protection:

A little different, this one puts the recipient in a shield that blocks any physical damage for up to 10 seconds at the highest level, but also means they can’t do physical damage while the shield is up. This doesn’t affect magic, so spell damage can still be dealt out and received. I like to put this on a priest or mage who’s aggroed melee damage mobs, giving me time to heal them before they die. No use on anyone being hit by magic damage of course, and never put it on a tank as they will lose aggro instantly! This is also amusing when used in battlegrounds, as warriors and rogues will still try to hit through the shield which can buy your team valuable seconds. Anyone you use this blessing on can’t be given another magic shield for 1 minute after, so use wisely. 5 minute cooldown on this, or 3 if you have it improved through talents.

Blessing of Freedom:

This lovely little blessing will remove any existing movement impairing effects, and give the target immunity to them for 10 seconds. As this has a 20 second cooldown you can have it running 50% of the time if wanted. Perfect if you’ve just been put in a frost trap, or a spider’s web. Usually sees more use in PvP, and is invaluable there, but also shouldn’t be forgotten for group instances… especially if it’s the tank who’s been trapped!

Blessing of Kings:

Available only to those with sufficient points in the Protection talent tree, Kings will increase all attributes by 10%. Generally the strongest all-round blessing but not many paladins have it, as the Protection tree isn’t used much. Damn nice though, especially when there are multiple paladins… as one can give this to everyone and others add different blessings depending on what’s required.

Blessing of Sanctuary:

A lot of people probably don’t even know this blessing exists, as it requires 20 points in the protection tree. What it does is reduce incoming damage on the target from all sources by 24. In addition, if a player with this blessing blocks a melee attack they’ll deal 35 holy damage back to the attacker. Nice to have on tanks - and anyone else in the raid - if enough paladins are available and someone has this. Seals, and Judging them:
Some people seem to get confused with the different seals, and how they work. It’s actually rather simple…. You cast a seal on yourself, which lasts up to 30 seconds giving various bonuses on melee hits. Some add damage to each hit, others can regenerate health or mana. You will always want a seal running through combat, refreshing when it expires. On top of that you gain the ability to “Judge” these seals. What this means is that you will activate the secondary ability on the seal – again each having a different effect. After judging, the seal expires and you need to cast a new one. I’ll outline each of the seals and their respective judgement effect.

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