Paladin Enchants

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Enchants are so important to me I had to give them a full section of their own. It makes me sad to see people going around in full tier 1/2 and not even a +7 stamina on their boots! It always amazes me that dome people will spend ages trying to get an item for better, and then don’t bother to get a little enchant thus losing out on even more stats. Getting your gear enchanted may sound unimportant, but when you add all the enchants up they are a considerable boost to your effectiveness. Take the stamina enchants for example… you could get +7 on boots, +9 on bracers and +10 (well, 100 health) on chest which add up to 26 stamina. All fairly cheap and easy to get. Many don’t seem to bother even getting those… but if your chest had 46 stamina instead of 20 wouldn’t you be thinking “omg, that’s imba!”? The same with healing… +24 on bracers, +30 on gloves and +55 on weapon can give you 99 extra healing just ffrom 3 enchants which is extremely good for a healer.

Some enchants are expensive, but in my view they’re worth the cost. You can get so many extra stats out of enchants I will always make sure I get them on any item I use. Here are the enchants I recommend for different items and different roles.

Healing: ZG Enchant (10 stam, 7 def, +24 healing)
Tanking: ZG Enchant (10 stam, 7 def, +24 healing)
DPS: Libram of Voracity (+8 strength)
PvP: ZG Enchant (10 stam, 7 def, +24 healing)
FR: Libram of Resilience (+20 FR)

Healing: ZG Exalted (+33 healing)
Tanking: ZG Exalted (+30 attack power)
DPS: ZG Exalted (+30 attack power)
PvP: ZG Exalted (+18 damage/healing)
FR: Argent Dawn (+5 FR)

Healing: +5 all resistances
Tanking: +70 armour
DPS: +3 agility
PvP: +5 all resistances
FR: +7 or +15 FR

Healing: +100 health or +100 mana
Tanking: +100 health
DPS: +3 or +4 all stats
PvP: +100 health

Healing: +24 healing or +4 Mp5
Tanking: +9 stamina
DPS: +7 strength
PvP: +9 stamina

Healing: +30 healing
Tanking: +7 agility
DPS: +7 strength or +7 agility (+15 agility if you can afford it)
PvP: will depend on which PvP gear it is

Healing: ZG Enchant (10 stam, 7 def, +24 healing)
Tanking: ZG Enchant (10 stam, 7 def, +24 healing)
DPS: Libram of Voracity (+8 strength)
PvP: ZG Enchant (10 stam, 7 def, +24 healing)
FR: Libram of Resilience (+20 FR)

Healing: +7 stamina
Tanking: +7 stamina
DPS: +7 agility
PvP: +7 stamina

Healing: +55 healing
Tanking: Crusader or +22 intellect
DPS: +25 agility or Fiery*

Healing: +7 stamina
Tanking: +7 stamina or +2% blocking
PvP: +7 stamina

* Fiery Weapon enchant on a dps 2h weapon is an option for keeping Vengeance up. Fiery only does 40 damage per proc, 60 on a crit, but when it crits it procs vengeance. Some find that better than +25 agility to keep vengeance running, though I’ve never tested it.

There are others available, but those are the best for me. Some, like weapon enchants, can be quite expensive but if you make the effort to get them you’ll become more efficient for each extra enchant you get. You strive to uprades your blue items to epics… it’s a waste not to then upgrade your epics to enchanted epics! And if you use blues, enchant those, I don’t mean to say just to enchant epics - it was simply an example :) Now you can say you’ll wait to enchant an item as you’re upgrading it soon and yes, that makes sense if you’re getting a new item soon and don;t want to pay for the same thing twice, particularly if it’s a big expensive enchant. But when it comes to the cheaper things… if you’re using something, get it enchanted. And when you have a great item you’ll use for quite a while, spend that money and get the big enchant done.

The enchants I’ve listed are those I see as best in each role. Depending on your range of gear, you may be using the same item in multiple roles. In those cases you have to decide which enchant is best for the item, if you want to focus on the primary role it’s used in or choose one to be useful all-round.


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