Paladin Group PVE Technique

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Group PVE Technique

Group play is where paladins really shine, as they can spread their Blessings out across the entire party, and change Auras based on shifting battlefield conditions. (See a big physical attacker coming down the hallway? Kick in Devotion aura. Spot a dragonkin coming along? Throw up Fire Resistance Aura, etc.) Judgements are also quite useful, with Judgement of Light being incredibly useful as a quasi-healing spell when you have a warrior or rogue concentrating on the Judged enemy.

Beyond your support and buffing abilities, though, you’re going to want to try and keep enemies focused on you as much as possible, thus fulfilling your role as a secondary tank. You can also use your Holy Light and Flash of Light spells to become a decent secondary healer, especially when you gain access to Blessing of Light at higher levels. (You can also use heals as a roundabout way of drawing monster aggro, since they’re given to attack healers.)

One of the unique aspects of paladinhood is your ability to act as something of a reset button in battles that spiral out of control. With your abilities to stay alive via Lay On Hands, Blessing of Protection, Divine Shield, and the like, you can often retreat far out of harm’s way and then return to resurrect your teammates

In a group, the Paladin will function as a secondary tank by backing up the Warriors and helping them hold aggro (I’m typing this in anticipation of the next patch). You’ll also have to help keep your teammates alive; when you have a Priest along, you can hold off on healing and instead focus on using your Seals on your teammates as appropriate. Micromanaging seals can be a pain, though, so try to have a good set up.

One of the unique things about Paladins is their ability to act as a reset button; when your party starts dying due to a bad pull or overwhelming enemies, you’re expected to run like hell, using Divine Shield or Lay On Hands to keep yourself alive, and then return to your team’s corpses and Resurrect them.

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