Level Paladin Quests

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Quests generally provide some of the best weapons and armour you are going to find. Quests also provide almost as much experience as actually killing all the mobs to complete the quests, therefore I strongly suggest that you work towards completing quests rather than just killing things.

Most quests are generic to a faction (ie: horde or alliance), however there are several racial quests and class quests so they will be different from other characters that you adventure with. For generic quests I will cover the major ones in each area that you adventure in and cover the zones you should be adventuring in. The class specific quests will be covered in much more detail.

Need more help with quests? Check out our Quest Database !

Level 1-10 Paladin Quests

For the very low levels almost all characters of a set race start with and have access to the same basic quests. This covers the starting areas and all the quests are just to get you familiar with the game.

The very early level quests (level 1-5) are all around your starting point. There are enough to keep you busy for about an hour and level you from 1 through 5. When you first appear in the game you should search out an NPC close to you that has a glowing gold exclamation point (!) over their head. Once you complete the quest, that NPC or some other NPC (in the case of delivery type quests) will have a glowing gold question mark (?) over their head. This makes it easy to tell who to go to too finish your quest. The NPC will also show up on your mini map as a small gold dot, to make them easier to find when finishing a quest.

Level 11-20 Paladin Quests

The major paladin quest in this level range is the Tome of Divinity quest. This is a multi step quest to obtain your resurrection spell "Redemption". This is a vital quest to complete for the paladin, as it is a primary skill for grouping with other players. There are two versions of this quest tree, one for dwarves and a slightly different one for humans.

The Tome of Divinity [Dwarf Version]
Obtained at level 12
Obtained from Tiza Battleforge in IronForge
Description: This quest starts with finding Tiza in IF. You are then directed to find someone in IF in need of assistance and help them. You can find someone close to the IF auction house that needs help. After completing that portion you return to Tiza who directs you to speak to her husband Muiredon Battleforge. Muiredon asks you to find and resurrect one of his friends "Narm Faulk" that was ambushed not far from IF. He provides you with a symbol of life to reserect his fried with. Once you find him, he directs you to help him complete his task and find a dark iron dwarf script. The dark iron dwarves can be found close to his body. Once found you return to Muiredon in IF and he thanks you and tells you to speak to his wife again. When you talk to Tiza she rewards you with the redemption ability, which allows you to resurrect other players.

The Tome of Divinity [Human Version]
Submitted by: Prosperanna from Hyjal Protectorate Guild on Argent Dawn server.
Obtained at level 12
Obtained from Duthorian Rall
Description: Start by finding Duthorian Rall in the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind. You're sent to find someone in Stormwind that needs help - the woman is located in the first block of the Trade District as you're coming in through the gate, and to complete your quest for her, you have to get 10 linen cloths. Once you've done that, she'll send you back to Duthorian Rall, who gives you the Symbol of Life, and tells you to talk to a dwarf paladin who was injured, and is waiting by the altar in the cathedral. The dwarf asks you to go to Hero's Vigil (a small piece of land in the middle of Stone Cairn Lake) to help his friend Hern Faulk, who was ambushed by Defias. Once you resurrect Hern, he asks you to find a letter on one of the Defias, to bring back to Stormwind so everyone knows he's alive. You should be able to find the letter on one of the Defias on the perimeter of the island. Take the letter back to the dwarf in Stormwind, and he'll send you back over to Duthorian, who rewards you by teaching you the resurrection spell.

The Tome of Valor
Obtained at level 20
Obtained from Duthorian Rall in Stormwind
Description: This is a multipart quest (broken into the tomb of valor and the test of righteousness) that in the end provides an excellent weapon for your paladin. The first part is to go to Westfall and protect Daphne Stillwell from the Defias gang. She is located in the far south west corner of the zone. Once you protect her successfully you return to Stormwind. There Duthorian Rall asks you to let her husband Jordan Stillwell know that she is ok. Jordan can be found outside the front gates of Ironforge. When you meet him he starts the next part of the quest.

Test of Righteousness
Obtained at level 20
Obtained from Jordan Stilwell outside Ironforge
Description: Jordan is so glad that you protected his wife that he is willing to craft you a mighty weapon. All you have to do is find the elements to make it from. You need to find the following items from the correct zones and then return to him.

  • Whitestone oak lumber - The lumber can be found in The Deadmines in Westfall. It is dropped by the goblins located around the goblin shredder in the instance.
  • Jordans Refined Ore Shipment - You need to go into the blacksmiths house in Thelsemar to find the person that Jordan mentions. He will give you the quest to find the Ore. It is located north-east of Loc Modan in the Ogre area on the other side of the lake. It can be found in a pile of boxes in the center of the Ogre encamplment. Once you get the crate, return it to him to complete the quest and you will then receive the refined ore.
  • Jordans smithing hammer - The hammer can be found in the Shadowfang Keep instance, in the stables. Once in the instance head straight down the stairs and across the central courtyard and you will be in the stables. It should be sitting on a box there.
  • Purified Kor Gem - The Kor gem quest is given to you by a Night Elf in Auberdine, who sends you to the Blackfathom Deeps in Ashenvale. The Kor gem will drop from one of the merfolk there. You then return it to the Night Elf and he will purify it for you.

Once you have collected all the items you return to Jordan and he makes you a hammer called "Verigans Fist". The hammer causes an impressive 65-99 damage (25.6 DPS) and is two handed. It also provides +7 stamina, +6 intellect, and +12 spirit. If youare using two handed weapons, it will be your weapon of choice for quite a while.

You can find a complete guide to the quest line here: Verigans Fist Quest Chain Guide .

Blood-Tempered Ranseur

Obtained at level 20
Obtained from
Description: This is the Horde version of the Test of Righteousness. The final reward is an incredibly nice Polearm.

You can find a complete guide to the quest line here: Blood Tempered Ranseur Quest Chain Guide .

Level 21-30 Paladin Quests

There are no Paladin specific quests in this level range.

Level 31-40 Paladin Quests

There are no Paladin specific quests in this level range.

Level 41-50 Paladin Quests

Forging the Mightstone
Obtained at level 50
Obtained from Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker

Description: Lord Grayson sends you to Chillwing Point to assist there. You need to talk to Commander Ashlam Valorfist who will hace you collect 20 minion scourgestones by killing the varous undead in the area while your Argent Dawn Commission is equipped. Once complete he will send you to the Sunken Temple instance to collect 6 voofoo feathers which drop from the undead troll guardians on the balconies on the upper level. Once complete you can return the feathers to the Commander and he will reward you with the Holy Mightstone and a choice of 1 of 3 other reward items.

Level 51-60 Paladin Quests

Paladin Elite Mount quests

Upon reaching Level 60 your Paladin can embark on a series of quests to get his / her elite mount. The series is long and difficult so be warned that it will take some serious time to complete. There are sevearl chains of quests that must be completed. You must first complete the A + B quest chain below.

A1 - Emphasis on Sacrifice
Obtained at level 60
Obtained from Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker the Paladin Trainer in Stormwind
To complete this quest you must: Travel to Ironforge and get High priest Rohan's Exorcism Censer. You will need to make a donation of 150 gold in order to secure it.

A2 - To Show Due Judgment
Obtained at level 60
Obtained from High priest Rohan in Ironforge
In this quest you must return the Exorcism Censer to Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker in the Cathedral District of Stormwind.

A3 - Exorcising Terrordale
Obtained at level 60
Obtained from Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker the Paladin Trainer in Stormwind
To complete this quest you must: Use the Exorcism Censer to drive out the spirits that torment Terrordale. When you have slain 25 Terrordale Spirits, return to Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker in the Cathedral District of Stormwind. The Terrordale spirits are level 60 undead MOBs.

B1 - The Work of Grimand Elmore
Obtained at level 60
Obtained from Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker the Paladin Trainer in Stormwind
To complete this quest you must: Speak with Grimand Elmore in Stormwind's Dwarven District.

B2 - Collection of Goods
Obtained at level 60
Obtained from Grimand Elmore in Stormwind's Dwarven District
To complete this quest you must: Bring 40 Runecloth, 6 Arcanite Bars, 10 Arthas' Tears, 5 Stratholme Holy Water vials, and 150 gold to Grimand Elmore in the Dwarven District of Stormwind.
The Runecloth is easy enough to get off any humanoid MOB or the AH for cheap. The Arcanite bars must be made by an alchemist and require an arcane crystal and a bar of thorium. You can also buy them in the AH but depending on your server they can be up to 30g each! Arthas tears you can get from a herbalist or the AH. Lastly the Holy Water is found in the supply crates in Stratholme.

Once you are done A + B you will be able to get the C chain.

C1 - Ancient Equine Spirit
Obtained at level 60
Obtained from Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker the Paladin Trainer in Stormwind
To complete this quest you must: First acquire special horse feed used for feeding a spirit horse. Merideth Carlson in Southshore apparently is the source for such food (C2), then travel to the Dire Maul dungeon in Feralas and slay Tendris Warpwood. Doing so will free the Ancient Equine Spirit. Feed it the special horse feed, thereby soothing the spirit. Finally, give it the Arcanite Barding so it may bless it. To do this you enter the western section of Dire Maul and kill Tendris Warpwood. He is in the pit near the entrance of the instance. When he dies a spirit horse appears, talk to the spirit horse.

C2 - Mana-Enriched Horse Feed
Obtained at level 60
Obtained from Merideth Carlson in the Hillsbrad Foothills
To complete this quest you must: Retrieve 20 Enriched Mana Biscuits and supply 50 gold - the key ingredient in making Mana-Enriched Horse Feed - for Merideth Carlson at Southshore in the Hillsbrad Foothills. The Argent Dawn is known as the sole purveyor of the biscuits. This is fairly easy, you just need friendly status with the Argent Dawn and you can purchase the mana Biscuits from Chillwind Point.

C3 - Blessed Arcanite Barding
Obtained at level 60
Obtained from Spirit horse in Dire Maul
To complete this quest you must: Return with the Blessed Arcanite Barding to Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker in the Cathedral District of Stormwind.

C4 - The Divination Scryer
Obtained at level 60
Obtained from Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker the Paladin Trainer in Stormwind
To complete this quest you must: Bring an Azerothian Diamond and a Pristine Black Diamond to Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker in the Cathedral District of Stormwind. These two items are very difficult to find. The pristince black diamond drops in the high level instances (DM, UBRS, Scholo and Strat) but is VERY rare. You can also buy it from the AH however be prepared to pay at least 150g and as much as 300g depending on your server. The Azerothian Diamond is far less rare but still hard to get. It is found in rich Thorium viens. It can generally be purchased in the AH for about 5 - 10G.

C5 - Judgment and Redemption
Obtained at level 60
Obtained from Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker the Paladin Trainer in Stormwind
To complete this quest you must: Use the Divination Scryer in the heart of the Great Ossuary's basement in Scholomance. Doing so will bring forth the spirits you must judge. Defeating these spirits will summon forth Death Knight Darkreaver. Defeat him and reclaim the lost soul of the fallen charger. Give the Charger's Redeemed Soul and the Blessed Enchanted Barding to Darkreaver's Fallen Charger.
The room in Scholomance you are looking for is Rattlegores room. The ghosts will come at you in 4 waves and need to be judged in the following way.

Wave 1: Seal of Wisdom Judging.
Wave 2: Seal of Justice Judging.
Wave 3: Seal of Righteousness Judging.
Wave 4: Seal of Light Judging.

The trick seems to be that you stay in 1 corner and pull them to you. The best corner seems to be the corner to your right as you enter the room. When you judge the seals on the spritirs it triggers an AOE damage around them, so you kill them faster by bunching them up. To complete this quest a party should consist of 2 Paladins, 1 mage, 1 priest and 1 other member (preferably a Paladin, Hunter or Mage). An alternate party that works well also is 4 paladins and a priest.
On the 4th wave it is important that the priest shackle the mini boss of the wave, known as the Aspect. He's larger than the rest of the MOBs. This is important, as the instant he dies, the death knight appears. You will want time to heal and replenish your mana reserves before he does.

Once this quest is completed you will gain your mount.

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