Paladin One-on-One PVP Technique

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The Paladin in PVP is made of health. You essentially have three lives: the first bar of health, a second bar from Divine Shield and your biggest healing spell, and a third bar from Lay On Hands, not counting Seal of Protection when you’re facing off against a melee enemy. Unfortunately, because your DPS is so much smaller than most classes, you’ll usually need to use up a few of these before you can wear down an enemy, and if they decide to run, you won’t have any way to stop them save a three-second stun. You’ll have to match your Aura up to your opponent; Retribution vs. Rogues, Resistance vs. Mages, and so on. Against Undead, you have the upper hand, so switch over to your Undead bar and go to town.

Group PVP

In group, your job is to protect the weakest members of your party as much as possible. Seal of Fury and Seal of Salvation become useless in PVP, obviously, so try to hit up your Rogues and Warriors with Reckoning, and if a Mage gets targeted by an enemy, use Sacrifice or Protection to keep them alive. Sacrifice is especially noteworthy in PVP; if you can cast it on the correct teammate, you can cut that teammate’s damage in half. Also, don’t forget that you have Cleanse; you can remove everything but curses with it, so keep an eye on your teammates’ debuffs and use it as appropriate.


If you solo a lot, you’ll probably want to focus on Strength above Stamina, since you’ll need higher DPS to kill efficiently, and you’ll be able to use your spells to stay alive longer than most Warriors. If you’re focusing on group play, then Stamina becomes a better bet, as it’ll let you concentrate on protecting your teammates rather than healing yourself.

In long battles, a Paladin can find themselves running out of mana, so don’t hesitate to focus on Intellect as a third stat.

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