Paladin Basic Leveling/soloing Strategies

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Basic Leveling/soloing Strategies

During the early levels, you should spec retribution for higher melee damage. Use a 2-hand weapon with good dps and wear mail armor (plate after level 40) with strength and stamina. You should also keep a shield and a fast 1-hand weapon in your inventory for special situations. When fighting, always remember to keep your aura, blessings and seal up all the time! At this stage it is preferable for you to deal with one mob a time with your 2-hand weapon.

After level 30 to 40, leveling up by AOE grinding is another option. However, you need to respec to protection for this. You also need to find a fast 1-hand weapon (preferably with spell damage), a shield and wear plate armor with intellect and stamina. Try to find an area with mainly melee mobs of similar or lower level to you. This will make the grinding much easier. See also: Paladin AoE Grinding - Where to Grind .

Use Holy Light early and often. Even if you have Spiritual Focus and can heal fairly fast in combat, make sure you still heal early so as not to get caught in a situation where you simply can't heal fast enough. If you get caught in that situation, there are several ways out of it. If you are fighting just one target, you can use Hammer of Justice to stun it. It allows you to get at least one heal off. If you are fighting multiple targets, then you can use Divine Shield /Divine Protection /Blessing of Protection . You should be able to bandage yourself or get at least one heal off with it. You do know First Aid , right? Also, by the time the shield wears off, if you had Blessing of Wisdom on yourself, you should now have enough mana to heal yourself again. The last thing to be mentioned here is Lay on Hands , which of course, is a full heal that drains all your mana. This is always best used as a last resort.

If you're running low on health and mana and are in trouble, it's almost always better to use a mana potion than a health potion, especially if you have points in Spiritual Focus . At all levels a mana potion will allow you to cast a heal and still have plenty of mana left. A health potion can be a better choice if the mob is very close to death, if your health is so low that you'll be killed before you can get a heal off, or if your heal is likely to be interrupted.

Don't worry so much about dealing damage as how long you can stay alive. If you get into a sticky situation, and keep hitting something for 4 dps over the course of 3-4 minutes it will die. The counter to this is that if you cannot keep yourself healed, you better run.

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