Paladin General Macros:Bubble Hearth ,Redemption

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General Macros

New All-In-One Judgement Button

Patch 3.0.2 brought the new Judgement system to the Paladin and here is an all in one button for the three judgements. If you select the "?" icon the modifier key will active the correct icon for the Judgement. (You have to change your keybindings from the default settings so that when you hit [Shift + #] it doesn't try to got to Skill bar #)(Also, make sure you aren't using ctrl or shift as a 'target focus' button.)

#showtooltip /cast [nomodifier] Judgement of Wisdom; [modifier:shift] Judgement of Light; [modifier:ctrl] Judgement of Justice;

Bubble Hearth

Probably the most useful anti-death macro available, this allows a level 50 or higher pally to leave combat and get to safety (unless the bubble is dispelled by a 70 priest with Mass Dispel).

#showtooltip Hearthstone /cast [button:1] Divine Shield /use [button:2] Hearthstone

You left click on the macro to activate the bubble, and right click to hearth. Remember global cooldown, and practice this before attempting to use in combat.

Judgement of Light

Casts a Spell sequence to put a Judgement of Light on an unfriendly target. Press shift key to reset sequence or is reset on target change.

#showtooltip /castsequence [harm] reset=target/shift Seal of Light, Judgement

Greater Blessings (replace "Wisdom" with your blessing)

/cast [target=mouseover,exists] Greater Blessing of Wisdom; [target=target,help] Greater Blessing of Wisdom; [target=player] Greater Blessing of Wisdom

Single target blessings (replace "Might" with your blessing)

#showtooltip Blessing of Might /cast [target=mouseover,exists] Blessing of Might; Blessing of Might

Single/Greater Blessing (replace "Might" with your blessing)

Casts the greater blessing if you hold down shift while clicking the button or pressing the hotkey, and the normal blessing otherwise. It allows you to bind both blessings to the same key.

#showtooltip Blessing of Might /cast [modifier:shift] Greater Blessing of Might; Blessing of Might

Auto Attacking Regardless of Cooldowns with Crusader Strike

Triggering this macro will guarantee you start attacking regardless of any cooldowns on your Crusader Strike button.

/cast Crusader Strike

Fast Freedom (Important to PvP)

Bind this key to your middle button or somewhere fast, then use it when you're slowed or rooted, etc.! by

#showtooltip /cast [target=player] Blessing of Freedom


Resurrect your target and warn the group. Stop the macro if the target is hostile/not dead. You can also change the last line to say something funny, as long as it is /p to talk to your party, and has %t so they know who you are resurrecting.

#showtooltip Redemption /cast Redemption /stopmacro [nohelp][nodead] /p Resurrecting %t.

Mount with Crusader Aura

This macro will, if unmounted cast Crusader Aura and mount (a Blue Hawkstrider in this case). If mounted it will cast Concentration Aura then dismount. The mount must be a regular mount, it won't work with the paladin mount spells.

The exclamation point is the notoggle indicator. With it if you have Crusader Aura on already and click the macro it will not toggle the aura to off, but if you had another aura it will still switch to Crusader.

/cast [nocombat, nomounted] !Crusader Aura; [mounted] !Concentration Aura; /cast [nocombat, nomounted] Blue Hawkstrider; /dismount

Alternatively: "Show the proper tooltip. If [I can't fly here] OR [I'm pressing Shift], cast Charger then Crusader Aura then Retribution Aura, and reset the sequence if I Ctrl click. Otherwise, [if I can fly AND I'm not pressing Shift], cast Golden Gryphon then Crusader Aura then Retribution Aura." Note that you have to keep Shift held for the Charger-While-Flyable sequence and that you should change spell names as suits you.

#showtooltip /castsequence [noflyable],[mod:shift]reset=ctrl Charger,Crusader Aura,Retribution Aura;[flyable,nomod:shif]reset=ctrl Golden Gryphon,Crusader Aura,Retribution Aura

Random Mount with Crusader Aura

If unmounted, this macro will cast Crusader Aura and randomly summon one of your mounts (Epic Paladin Charger or Black War Tiger in this case), with just one click. If mounted, it will also dismount you and cast Concentration Aura. You can add additional mounts using a comma as separator or change the aura when dismounting to your preference.

/cast [nomounted] !Crusader Aura /castrandom Summon Charger,Reins of the Black War Tiger /dismount [mounted] /cast !Concentration Aura

Summon Charger with Crusader Aura

Since the above macros do not work with Summon Charger, due to shared cooldowns between Auras and Summon Charger, here is one that requires one extra click. If unmounted, click once to cast Crusader Aura. Click again to cast Summon Charger. If mounted, click once to dismount and cast Devotion Aura (replace with your aura of preference).

/castsequence [nocombat, nomounted] !Crusader Aura, Summon Charger /cast [mounted] !Devotion Aura /dismount [mounted]

If you want to get mounted first, use the following macro. The first button click will mount you, when mounted the second click activates the Crusader Aura and the third click will dismount you and apply Devotion Aura (replace with your aura of choice).

/cast [nocombat, nomounted] Summon Charger /castsequence [mounted] !Crusader Aura, Summon Charger /cast [mounted] !Devotion Aura

Gathering and Tracking Macros

The Paladin has one tracking ability that can be selected: this can, however, put a dint in your gathering prospects. This is modified from the Useful Macros page to include Sense Undead

/castsequence [nocombat] find herbs, find minerals, sense undead

IWIN Button for Shockadins

This is most effective for "shockadins" (40/0/21 spec). It will cast Avenging Wrath, use any trinkets you have equipped, Cast a guaranteed Holy Shock crit, and cast a Judgement, all in one button press. For shockadins with a decent amount of +spelldamage gear, this is usually between 3-5k holy damage. Judgement of the Crusader must be on your target and Seal of Righteousness must be active for this to do the most possible damage.

/cast Avenging Wrath /use 13 /use 14 /cast Divine Favor /cast Holy Shock /cast Judgement

Hand of Sacrifice

/clearfocus [modifier:shift] [target=focus,dead] [target=focus,noexists] /focus [target=focus,noexists] /script SetRaidTarget("focus", 1) /cast [target=focus] Hand of Sacrifice


A paladin only has a few ways to gather threat once it's off of them, and depending on what you're fighting, Righteous Defense can be resisted. This macro ensures that if you're still the second on the hate list, that you'll gain control of the enemy again. Note that when it's a caster, they're able to keep casting through the shield, but ranged/melee DPS cannot.

#showtooltip Hand of Protection #show Hand of Protection /assist /cast Hand of Protection /assist

You can add in another line after the casting but before the second assist to notify the spell/physical limitations.

/p %t may still cast spells while shielded.

Hand of Protection can only be cast on a party member and having a chain of conditionals could lead to unwanted persons getting the buff. For this reason the macro does not check if the person is dead or even in the party, but only attempts to cast it on a target if the player is in a party. This is important if the player is in a raid.

#showtooltip /cast [nogroup,target=player][target=mouseover][help][target=targettarget,party]Hand of Protection

This macro is better and takes less time to execute, but just like the macro above, if you press it while your target is targeting you, it will throw it up on you and likely cause you to drop aggro. If you are a tank, add at the beginning:

/cancelaura Hand of Protection

Blood Elf Mana Boost

Just a handy macro that combines casting arcane torrent with divine plea for a massive mana boost. Since Arcane Torrent does not affect Global Cooldown, this one-button press will cast both simultaneously if available, or Divine Plea alone if Arcane Torrent isn't available. Great for Retadins and Tankadins, who won't be as affected by the healing nerf caused by Divine Plea.

#showtooltip /cast Divine Plea /cast Arcane Torrent

ZA Halazzi OT macro

Along the fight with Halazzi (Lynx boss) in Zul Aman, if you are acting as OT, at 75%, 50%, 25% HP of the boss, you are required to pick up aggro from the Spirit of the Lynx, one of the shared forms Halazzi has. To make this operation efficient and fast, I found very useful to have this macro:

#showtooltip Spirit of the Lynx /target spirit of the lynx /cast [target=spirit of the lynx] Judgement of Light

Important: you have to have a Seal active at the moment of the macro casting.

Repentance Crowd Conrol Focus Macro

This macro will allow you to cast repentense on your focus target without losing your current target

#showtooltip /clearfocus [target=focus, dead] /clearfocus [mod:alt] /stopmacro [mod:alt] /stopmacro [target=focus, dead] /target focus /focus /cast Repentance /targetlasttarget

How this macro works is that it will target whatever your focus target is. If you do not have a focus target this will return nul and do nothing. It will then set your focus to whatever your current target is, so if you do not have a current focus you will now have one. Once focus is set repentance can will be cast. After that it will automactically switch back to your last target. This is useful if you are in combat and do not want to lose what your current target is.

Your focus will clear if you press the macro button and your focus is dead or if your focus target is dead

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