Paladin PvP Techniques

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I’ve already mentioned the different approaches to PvP… offensive, defensive, full support etc. so there’s not much to say here but I will go over a few things. As I said before, even if you’re playing offensively you should always be prepared to throw a heal on an ally who’s getting hit. Don’t forget you can BoP clothies who are getting hit by melee, that really can save the day at a key moment - and not only clothies, but rogues/warriors can be saved if about to die at the hands of melee, a quick BoP wollowed by a heal and then they can remove the BoP and go back to killing. When healing yourself, bandages can be used in the bubble to save mana if you’re happy to keep supplying yourself with them. Cheap PvP potions can also be bought and used from certain vendors. If you’re engineer, you can make cheap iron bombs which have a stun on them and even better a deathray which is uninterruptable and does 0 damage to yourself when used within your bubble. Here are a few other things to watch for when PvPing:

1. If fighting a class like a shaman, try to damage them down to low health and save your stun for when they start to heal. if they leave healing to late this can let you finish them off before they’ve had chance to heal at all.
2. The reverse of the last point, never leave your healing too late as if you do you could get stunned, silenced etc. and killed when you still have loads of mana which is simply embarassing. If facing a class that can stop your heals, try to bluff them into using those abilities when you want by fake-healing. Doesn’t always work, but worth a try.
3. Concentration aura stacks with spiritual focus for 100% undelayed healing while being hit. That makes it the strongest PvP seal for me, and I usually have it active all the time. You can try switching to it when you want to heal but hordies who know to watch for that will see when you want to heal if you try that.
4. It may be tempting to give yourself BoM all the time, and that can be best if you’re going all-out offensive, but for survivability the best blessing you can give yourself is BoL for stronger heals.
5. Don’t forget to buff others - it may be annoying to you, but quickly buffing those you see can make a difference.
6. Cleansing works in PvP as well as in raids. SW:P on someone close? Cleanse it off. Roots holding a warrior in place? Cleanse them away. The decursive addon makes this very efficient.
7. If you’re defending a flag in AB, try using a fast weapon so you can get more frequent hits on opponents trying to cap it.
8. If supporting a flag carrier in WSG, use your blessing of freedom to prevent movement slowing debuffs (except daze, annoyingly).
9. Rank 1 consecration may not do much damage, but it will destealth any rogues or druids who are creeping up on you.
10. Blessing of Sacrifice cast on someone who’s taking damage will transfer some damage to you each time, breaking sheep, seduction etc. used on you. A useful little trick :)
11. If a shaman is purging you, try using rank 1 seals to get them to waste mana purging those, as they cost hardly anything for you to put up.
12. Blessing of Freedom is not just for WSG flag carriers. If you’re in AB and that warrior with you keeps being slowed, keep BoF on him and he can move freely to kill things.

An extra note for WSG, paladins are exceedingly strong around the flag carrier. If we go in our PvP healing gear we can take a lot of damage, keep ourselves and other runners alive efficiently and with BoF we can negate many movement impairing effects. With healing plate and shield we become a real tank as a flag carrier or flag assist, and can really plow through the horde to get a flag back safely. If the situation is reversed and we need to recapture a flag, we can switch to offensive gear to dish out maximum damage if we find it - I’ve often stumbled across a group of horde defending the flag, killed the carrier fast with some quick burst damage and returned the flag before his friends could save him.

I approach different classes in different ways. For example, if about to face a warrior 1 on 1 I will try to take the “outlasting” approach. PvP healing gear equipped, judging Seal of Light or Wisdom at the start and then gradually wearing them down while keeping my health up to avoid a nasty series of crits killing me if I was at half health. In that situation it’s all about mana efficiency - the warrior can’t kill you until you’re out of mana, while you can keep dropping their health without them able to heal. On the other hand, if fighting a mage their counterspell and potential huge crits tempt me to switch from the outlasting technique to burst damage instead, trying to exploit their low armour by “nuking” them, and hoping to stun and finish them before they can escape.

Which seal to sue on your weapon in PvP is similar to tanking - if you have a slow weapon, and want extra damage, SoC is the way to go. If a fast weapon and wanting a reliable stream of damage but less burst potential, SoR. If keeping your mana up to outlast your opponent is more important to you than extra damage, SoW will do that for you.

PvP as with raids is extremely situational - adapt your gear and your style of play to what is needed at the time.

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