Paladin Seal of Righteousness

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Seal of Righteousness:

Adds holy damage to every melee attack. No chance on hit, it always occurs. It has a damage range, which adds more to a slow weapon’s hit than it does to a fast. This is to stop it being overpowered on a fast weapon… it all evens out to the same average. The extra damage isn’t huge, but guaranteed damage every hit is nice if you want constant damage and not have to rely on luck as with some other seals. Generally most useful on a fast 1h weapon. This also benefits greatly from having Seal of the Crusader “judged” first. Most paladins use this in one-hand PvP and when tanking with a weapon faster than 2.2 speed as they feel SoC procs too infrequently at that speed and the consistant damage of righteousness is more useful. That’s a valid point, and I can’t argue with the reasoning there. In PvP though I will use SoC on any weapon 2.0 or slower as the damage potential on SoC is greater, with it being able to crit, so I keep my fingers crossed for good SoC procs. Anything below 2.0, SoR is what I use.

Judgement effect casts instant holy damage on the target. Like the seal itself, this damage isn’t huge but everything counts. Can crit as a melee hit for 200% damage.

Seal of the Crusader:

Adds attack power and reduces attack time by 40%, but also makes your hits do less damage. You’ll attack faster, but do less damage per hit than without the seal. Overall DPS (damage per second) is increased. Not used too often, generally in the early levels before you get SoC. The main use of SotC is when you judge it.

Judgement effect increases holy damage taken by the target for the next 10 seconds. This judgement is nice to cast at the start of a fight, as it is refreshed with every melee attack on the affected target and will then keep adding extra damage to your holy attacks. At the top end this will give up to +140 holy damage, which depends on the actual ability used as will be explained a little later.

Seal of Command:

Generally seen as the strongest combat seal a Paladin has, SoC requires sufficient points in the Retribution talent tree to obtain. Yes, unlike other seals it’s a talent and not a generic skill. SoC has a chance of adding holy damage equal to 70% of the damage from your melee hit (before armour reduction is factored in), and this holy damage is able to crit. SoC is calculated as a melee attack, so uses melee crit chance and does 200% damage on a crit rather than the 150% a spell would do. Also, as the damage is calculated from what your melee strike did before armour reduction was applied, it will often look like 100% or more instead of just 70%. This seal can give a huge damage increase, but does depend on luck – it can occur often, or seemingly not at all. Personally I find it great, and wouldn’t want to PvP without it… also damn nice for PvE damage.

The proc rate on SoC is 7 ppm (procs per minute), equating to once every 8.57 seconds on average. This average is then applied to your weapon speed to give the percentage chance on hit, for example a 2.2 speed 1h sword would have an average SoC proc rate of 26%. Judgement effect is similar to that of Seal of Righteousness, as it adds instant holy damage to the target. The difference is that if your target is stunned, the damage will be doubled. This judgement uses melee crit for 200% damage.

Seal of Light:

Using this seal will give each of your melee hits a chance to give you health back. This health is just generated, not stolen from the target. I’m currently unsure of the proc rate on this, and haven’t really tested it. The thing about this seal is that when you use it it means you lack the extra damage from SoC/SoR, but can be useful to regenerate health while grinding with a fastw eapon.

Judgement effect is similar to that of the seal, in that it gives a chance per hit to return health. The difference is that it works for anyone who uses a melee attack on the judged target. This judgement period is refreshed with each attack, and will disappear if the target goes unhit for 10 seconds (or 40 with improvement through talents). While the seal itself is not something I use, the judgement is excellent and should be maintained on any boss fight. Not worth putting on normal mobs, but in AQ/MC etc. the mobs there have enough health and last long enough for it to be worth keeping on them, and not only the bosses in those places.

Seal of Wisdom:

This acts the same as Seal of Light, but this time restoring mana instead of health. Again I’m unsure of the proc rate. If you’re tanking and mana is almost out, you can activate this seal to gete mana back up if you can miss the extra damage/aggro from SoR or SoC a while.

Judgement effect is also the same as judging Seal of Light, but with mana instead of health. The difference is that casters (mages etc.) can use their wands to hit the affected target to get the chance of mana returned. This is another one that should be kept on bosses if possible, and mobs in MC/AQ etc. I also judge this instead of light if I’m tanking in a smaller instance, as it lets me keep getting mana back while using SoC or SoR for extra aggro.

Seal of Justice:

Chance on hit to stun the target for 2 seconds. Not one you can use on bosses, it will work on mobs and other players. To be honest I don’t see much use for this seal… you can’t predict when it will stun and it lacks the extra damage SoC or SoR give. Too inconsistant for my liking. The judgement however is more useful.

When you judge Justice, your target is unable to flee for 10 seconds (timer refreshed every time you hit them). This doesn’t work on bosses or players but on mobs it prevents runners. This judgement is rarely used, but is actually an excellent method of preventing a mob running and pulling extra groups which could cause a wipe - just judge this once, then put your combat seal on and the mod will be unable to run. Ratehr useful in a place like scholo where large groups of mobs are very close together.

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