Paladin Solo PVE Technique

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Solo PVE Technique

For soloing monsters, there isn’t a whole lot to do except Seal yourself, use Judgement, use another Seal, then attack until the monster’s dead. Unfortunately, the experience of playing a paladin isn’t terrifically interactive; you really only have your primary attack skill to use against the enemy, with very few other ways to directly damage them. Thus, well, being a paladin can be kind of boring, especially in the early levels, before you gain access to a good variety of Seals and the Judgement spell at level 10.

That said, you have enough defensive and healing spells to make it almost impossible for you to die against most mobs your level. If you get into trouble, you can start running; if you’re almost out of life, try using Blessing of Protection. If that runs out, try using Divine Favor or Divine Shield. If that runs out, then Lay On Hands will get you automatically back to 100% health. So, if something wants to kill you, it’ll have to knock you almost to the bottom of your health bar, wait at least ten seconds for Divine Favor and Blessing of Protection to run out, then kill off a whole other health bar from Lay On Hands. (These don’t necessarily have to be used just to run away, of course; they’ll make almost any mob four or five levels above you killable if you have them all charged up before the fight begins.)

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