Paladin Tanking Gear

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Ok, we’re past the argument of whether a paladin can tank or not. Here I’ll address which stats you need to look for to build a tanking set for your paladin. One important think to remember is that we are not warriors. While a warrior tank doesn’t need mana and can focus on the pure tanking stats, we depend on mana to hold aggro so we have to sacrifice some stats to keep mana up. A pala tank set is a tricky thing to balance right, needing more stats than a warrior. So where to start? Well, there are the two core stats - Stamina and Defence. You’ll want both of those quite high. After those which are aimed at taking damage, we have to look at how we can hold aggro. Unlike a warrior we don’t have instant strikes to generate threat, ours all comes from damage. As such, it doesn’t hurt to have good Strength as the more damage you do, the more threat you produce. Most of our threat will come from holy damage though, so any extra spell damage you can add without dropping other important stats to do so is a bonus. Agility may sound like a stat for rogues, but remember it increases dodge so nice to have on tanking gear. Finally, to keep outputting that holy damage you need mana, which means Intellect and Mp5 needed. Here are the stats to look for in a pala tank set then:

Mana per 5 seconds
Spell Damage

You’ll of course want to use a shield, and be in Plate armour. As for the mana issue, it will depend on what the fight is. If it’s a fairly long boss fight you’ll want a good mana pool to last throughout. If you’re off-tanking an add or something that won’t last too long, you can stack up a bit higher on Defence/Stam and run on lower mana. As with healing, it just means adapting to fit each situation. Along with the core stats, extra things like block/parry/dodge are still nice to have, it just depends what you can fit in with your mixed gear.

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