Choose Guy4Game = Choose Low Price Runescape Gold, Fast Delivery, 100% Satisfaction! Guy4game started RS Gold and Runescape PoGuy4gamerleveling business on Runescape in 2006. Today Guy4game have over 16800 loyal customers, with more than 1200 orders every month. Customer satisfaction rate: >99.5%.Guy4game have won the customers' satisfaction and confidence by our low price and high quality service. Guy4game are regard as the professional, reliable and loyal Runescape online.

Delivery Method: Guy4game ONLY do Face to Face trade.To take gold please contact our Livechat.Please fill in your character name carefully and correctly which is your in-game name after you clicked buy now button, Guy4game will find you via this name and trade the gold you ordered with your character in game.
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  • US&Canada Toll Free: 1-888-221-1554
  • Fax: 1-289-660-1297
  • Office Time: 10:00am - 6:00pm EST Monday - Friday.
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Review by gabble1
Guy4game is fantastic! Ordered 60m gold for my runescape account. Did it extremely quick and under the estimated finish time! Will definitely use again!.
Review by Jonathan Sutton
I've been shopping around the internet that is not only legit, but can actually DELIVER ON TIME! Guy4Game has delivered my runescape gold within the time range that their website has quoted me. 5mil with 10mil+ required in bank was indeed delivered within 4-8 hours after they sent the email saying they just started working on my account. I've tried other sites, and sure they may deliver eventually, but well past the time they quoted me. I'm going to continue ordering from Guy4Game even though they have higher prices because they have the decency to be honest.
Review by Tenth Fire
Runescape gold farming is safe in guy4game....its amazing I ordered a total of 120M+ but I wish they would give more discounts lol :P If they would give like massive discounts, then I won't be able to stop buying alot of runescape cash.....with the new economy in runescape buying 100M is nothing ! Keep up the good work Guy4game! This website cares about you!
Review by dylan hagy
runescape gold from guy4game is the fastest and safest way to get gold onto your account i give guy4game 5 stars for runescape leveling=] i order from here all the time they work great with all orders, and the live chat is amazing=]
Review by Tom S
I think this has to be the best website to buy runescape gold from!!! (Or Powerleveling) The best thing about this is that it accepts prepaid cards unlike those other rs2 gold websites! I would rate this 10/10 and would recommend this website to anyone who is looking for Gold/Gold Farming/Powerlevling for any game!!!.
Review by Grayson Holladay
I have purchased several products and services from g4g, including WoW powerleveling, gold and runescape gold. All deliveries have been fast, and if there was any delay or issue, I has promptly informed over email. I highly recommend g4g for all services and products, and have even been granted small discount coupons, because they value their loyal customers. Well priced, fast delivery, excellent customer service. What more could you ask for?
Review by Cindy
Great service and these guys never disappoint. Always happy to do business. best customer service and prompt delivery. Will always be a repeat customer. Thank you Guy4Game!
Review by Anonymity
i had my internet crash as soon as i bought gold. they sent me 2 texts to join live chat. 6 hours later when i was able to get online they talked to me in live chat in under 2 mins , got me my gold. These people are 100% not looking to scam. will be using this site for now on. Great site!
Review by Jordan S.
Bought gold and was delivered on the estimated time. Talk to support and they were very helpful and fast in letting me know how it went. Will definitely be using Guy4Game for everything from now on!

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