Blizzard Keen On Creating a New MMO

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Despite the naysayers, Blizzard is very comfortable with the idea of creating another MMO that would directly compete with the company's World of Warcraft.

"I think that if our developers come up with the next great game that they want to make and it’s an MMO, then we’ll do that," Blizzard exec Paul Sams told MTV's Multiplayer Blog during the company's Worldwide Invitational.

"We would go about trying to make the best MMO of all time, and to try to eclipse World of Warcraft, if we were ever to do such a thing."

Blizzard's vice president of product development, Frank Pearce, shares Sams' optimism: "At some point, some product’s going to come along and cannibalize the World of Warcraft player base, and if it’s going to happen, it’d be better for us to cannibalize our own player base compared to having another publisher do it."

While the duo seem coy on Blizzard's future plans, recent job listings by the developer seeking team members for a "next-generation MMO" seem to indicate that the company has been giving the project a lot more thought than Pearce or Sams would lead us to believe.

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