Blood Elf 101

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An initial run of kill-stealing, leveling and exploring as a Blood Elf Pally in The Burning Crusade.
By Bryn Williams | Oct. 13, 2006

Yesterday, I kicked off with my early experiences of The Burning Crusade playing as a freshly created Blood Elf Paladin. Today, I'm going to finish up talking about the newbie zone, Eversong Woods, and then we'll move onto the level 10-20 zone called Ghostlands.

A few more visits to the local sanctums on the outskirts of the Ruins of Silvermoon proved to net a nice amount of experience and cash, as well as a couple of cool Pally-useable quest rewards. I was now ready to rock some of the harder creatures waiting out there in style, with my dapper new sword and shield. One of the greatest appeals of new content in a game such as WoW is the simple act of just soaking up the visuals, and while there's no doubt that the graphics in the game as a whole are not exactly cutting edge anymore, there's more than enough excellent art direction to make The Burning Crusade a great-looking addition to the game.

The color palettes used and the architectural compositions of Eversong Woods are truly a delight to behold. The Blood Elf race is a very beautiful one compared to some of the other races in WoW, but don't let their good looks deceive you. They are intelligent, sly and cunning and altogether rather snobby -- traits which are conveyed very well through the graphical designs of the zones and characters. These guys and girls certainly believe they are one notch above the other riffraff of Azeroth.

After a little photo session with my PrintScreen key, I kept on nailing those quests that involved killing X number of creatures, or gathering X number of items, and it all felt very familiar indeed. Heading out to a place called Starbreeze Village, I gathered more quests and eventually came across a huge vertical ravine in the middle of the map. Known as The Dead Scar, this lifeless rift of dirt was teeming with grubby undead. And what better quarry for a Paladin to hunt! After a little light melee, I spread my search for new areas further a field and found myself killing corrupt trolls called Amani who resided in a village named Tor'watha.

Wiping the blood from my blade, the next quest in my log was somewhat more lighthearted. A foppish NPC called Lord Saltheria tasked me with gathering some party supplies that he was throwing for some of the blood elf high society. Fireworks, meaty snacks and booze were handed over to him after some slightly painful FedEx'ing, and I was handed an official party invitation in return. This piece of paper allowed me to join in the fun; quaffing booze and eating sizzling lynx-meat snacks. It wasn't until I was fairly drunk that I realized another little "treat" as on offer. A herb in a dish proved to give temporary stat boosting properties, but unfortunately it came with a price. Seems as though the herb was more than a little addictive, and characters partaking in munching on these leaves were left with a small taste of cold turkey once the effects had worn off. Don't do drugs, kids!

After I'd had my fill of obnoxious party guests, I realized that I only had one quest in my log left. This was the quest that told me to follow The Dead Scar all the way south, into the higher level zone, Ghostlands.

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