MLG Orlando Viewer's Guide

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The house that mouse built is about to be invaded by members of the Horde and old Walt's got nothing on Masterchief as Major League Gaming's Pro Circuit and second stop of the MLG PC Circuit played on HP Blackbird 002 come to town. The world's best professional gamers will gather July 11th - 13th at the Orlando Marriott World Center Resort and Convention Center for three days of professional competition at the MLG Orlando 2008 event.

This third stop on MLG's 2008 Pro Circuit tour will feature Halo 3, Gears of War, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, and PC game World of Warcraft with over $93,000 in cash prizes. Included in this event is the second of three MLG PC Circuit events this year and will feature a full 24-team double elimination World of Warcraft tournament, with three-versus-three teams competing for $31,500 in cash and prizes, including 3 HP Blackbird 002 Gaming PCs valued at $3000 each.

Not only will the competition be smokin' hot in Orlando but viewers around the world are invited to watch the action unfold live on their desktops as MLG delivers live streaming video coverage of all the action with Friday pregame, Saturday action, ESPN Saturday Night and MLG Championship Sunday. A record 270,000 viewers tuned into MLG's broadcast of its San Diego event last month. Don't miss your chance to see the best gamers in the world compete live on your desktop! You can watch a preview of the event now HERE.

As part of MLG's broadcast weekend, GotFrag TV is also set to deliver the World of Warcraft action to your desktop with play by play, color commentary and much more by way of live streaming video. GFTV will be calling the action all weekend, so be sure to tune in starting at 9:00 AM PST on Saturday, July 12th!

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