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Blizzard has always had glaring flaw -- they continually underestimate their own popularity. "We're just happy people showed up!", Lisa Jensen, the head of Blizzard's PR said to me happily as we sat down in the crowded hall. Up on stage, Mike Morhaime, Blizzard President and co-founder was just finishing his opening remarks welcoming close to 8,000 players to two days of gaming celebrating Blizzard's products. Nonetheless, for all the polite attention they gave to Morhaime, the real reason they were waiting became clear once he introduced the lead producer of World of Warcraft to talk about the expansion pack, now subtitled "The Burning Crusade." The explosion of cheers and excitement nearly leveled me as Dabiri began to speak, and the crowd greeted each new revalation with the kind of worshipful shout more akin to a revival meeting than a product demonstration.

Dabiri wasted little time launching into the list of goodies that await World of Warcraft players in upcoming months. He started out by saying that while a ton of new content will be available in the expansion, the dev team remains committed to continuing to release new content with every version patch. With that, he gave us a sneak peek at some of the stuff on its way in the 1.9 patch.

Two new raid dungeons are going to be added to the game. One, a 20-man raid zone, will finally open up the Kharazon, Medivh's former home now situated in Deadwind Gulch. Players who have explored this are may already have crawled around the outside Kharazon, but that can't possibly prepare them for what's inside. It includes some of the new artwork being included in The Burning Crusade, so players looking for a bit of a sneak peek of the content might want to start forming raid groups for 1.9. Highlights include an Opera House that allows players to fight a different Boss mob every time they reach it, and a bizarre Library that doesn't necessarily look like it obeys the same laws of physics the rest of us do.

The other new 40-man raid area opening up in 1.9 is Ahn'Qiraj. Ahn'Qiraj is a simply ginormous dungeon located behind the locked gate in the southern part of Silithus. Patch 1.8 added quite a few new quests to Silithus and began a group of story threads that will find their culmination in Ahn'Qiraj. It seems that two new threats are rising in Silithus. One is more familiar, if no less terrifying, acolytes of the Burning Legion who are trying to summon their masters to Azeroth.

The others, though, are the strange, alien Silithids, insect-like creatures that seem inimically hostile to all life on Azeroth. 1.9 will introduce a world event in which both Alliance and Horde players will be able to perform repeatable quests, bringing supplies to the Cenarion Circle that they'll then us to open the hexagonal gate to Ahn'Qiraj. Once opened, players will be able to finally enter and find out just what the insect have planned. This dungeon was actually available in playable form at BlizzCon, and it looks like an absolute blast. We saw at least two new Silithids, a Silithid Gladiator -- basically a gigantic humanoid insect that packs a mean punch, and the Anubisath Guardian, a hideous flying fusion of insect and Night Elf that may be the result of a story element revealed in one of the Silithus quests introduced in 1.8.

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