Virtual Paris Hilton sells bags in World of Warcraft

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Spoiled socialite Paris Hilton is a pop-culture icon, questionably-talented singer, occasionally working actress and...World of Warcraft vendor?

Sort of. In an effort to stave off impending inflation issues, Warcraft's designers have created "Haris Pilton," a non-player character who sells rare, high-end items to Azeroth's wealthiest warriors.

Haris has been roaming around World of Warcraft for some time, seemingly for no reason other than to drive WoW players crazy. In the game's latest downloadable update, however, the parody has been turned into a legitimate vendor. Her wares include expensive but useful bags, such as the impressive "Gigantique," a 22-slot purse that's now the game's biggest item holder and will set players back a hefty 1,200 gold pieces. If you're itching to drop even more coin, show the world you're as ostentatious as a Hilton by snagging the incredibly fancy but largely pointless Gold Eternium Band for a whopping 3,000 gold -- or roughly 5.2 billion loaves of honey bread.

So what does Paris think of Haris? No word yet, but we suspect she'd think she's hot.

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