WoW Arena Jargon

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This short list of WoW jargon is to familiarize readers with some of the terms being used in articles here at GotFrag and popular discussions around the net. It is not designed to be all encompassing, but to get those less familiar with the scene started on some of the most used jargon at the moment.


Stands for the 5v5 setup consisting of Warrior – Mage – Elemental Shaman – Disc Priest – Holy Paladin. Proving to be a solid setup in early second arena season with the potential to execute perfect timed bursts and rapid focus changes to catch healers off guard, 2345 quickly became mainstream. It’s said that the term originated from Pandemic’s warrior Noktyn where he was spamming 234523452345 in party chat due to the setup’s focus burst being commenced by the Elemental Shaman spamming his 2 3 4 5 keys, respectively Bloodlust, Chain Lightning, Elemental Mastery and Lightning Bolt.


A deviation from the 2345 setup above, the 2346 replaces the mage with a warlock, gimping their burst DPS significantly in exchange for warlock’s drain, pet, curse of tongues, fear and coil, maintaining a far greater control over the game with the warlock’s versatility.


This Rogue – Mage – Priest – Warlock – Druid setup truly shined in season three as it was seen to be the ultimate counter for the two of the most popular setups in 5v5 ladder, 2345 and 2346. With the rogue’s ability to lock down an elemental shaman forever preventing the burst DPS and forcing a BoP on the shaman or harassing the warlock allowing him only to dot occasionaly, along with some offensive cyclones and manaburns, RMPWD took 5’s ladder by storm.


There’s always a counter to a counter as such, and once RMPWD became popular by farming 2345s and 2346s, people started trying out new ideas to countercomp the setup. TriHealer was the solution, most commonly a Paladin, Priest and Druid accompanied by a Warrior and a Hunter. TriHealer teams’ goal is to wear out the opposition by comfortably healing any nuke RMPWD can afford and win the match on the long run.

Drain Team

Utilizing the mana game which unfortunately the arena is built on, this Hunter - Warlock - Warrior - Priest - Paladin combo can vaporize over 3000 mana in a couple of seconds if left untended.


BOP stands for Blessing of Protection. Blessing of Protection is an ability of a paladin to protect a teammate from damage for a short period.


LOS stands for line of sight. A big focus of arena players is to use LOS to avoid damage from ranged classes.


Short for Crowd Control, CC are spells, abilities and effects such as Polymorph, Fear, Blind, Silence, Trap, Stun, Sap and Interrupt. Effective CCing of targets works similar to a Powerplay, gaining advantage in numbers while disabling one or more members of the opposing team and putting pressure on remaining members.

Diminishing Returns

Abilities or spells with DR means that the certain ability or spell will be less effective if it is used repeatedly in PvP combat. When an ability with DR is used against a target, the first use has full duration. The second and third attempts respectively will last half and quarter of the initial duration, and after the third attempt, the target will be immune to the spell for 15 seconds.


Acronym for “Flavor of the Month”. Refers to successful setups spreading out through World of Warcraft community rather quickly, and people trying to jump on the bandwagon of easy wins.


A ranged dps or healer class trying to keep his distance with a melee opponent with the help of slowing/immobilizing effects such as frost shock, frost trap, entangling roots, concussive shot or by purely speed increasing abilities such as travel form or ghost wolf is called kiting.


Acronym for “Random Number Generator”, complaining about RNG is the right way to whine with style. RNG is the game’s way of calculating what is going to be a hit, a crit, a dodge, a resist, a parry, a proc and so on by generating random numbers and calculating accordingly. So if you miss a full rage execute on a %5 HP druid next time, you know what to blame.

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