Warlock Abilities and Talents

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Abilities and Talents

Affliction houses all of your Curses, including the one you’ll probably use most often, Curse of Agony. Since you can only have one Curse active per target, you’ll likely want to just go ahead and use Agony to get a bit of extra damage going, especially after you get your Voidwalker and can use it to keep your foes off your back. Agony can also stack with Immolation and Corruption to spread out massive amounts of damage over time instead of having it all hit up front, which will usually cause enemies to jump over to you from your tank or pet.

Beyond the Curses and other debuffs, Affliction is also going to hold Fear, which is useful in almost every kind of combat, Drain Soul, which will let you make Soul Shards that are used in many of your more powerful spells, and Drain Life, which will allow you to heal yourself while also doing damage to your enemy, hopefully while they’re locked in combat with a tank or pet.

Your Affliction talents are mostly straightforward Improved versions of the spells you already have in your inventory. The notable new talents here are Amplify Curse, especially when used in conjunction with high-level Curses of Agony, and Siphon Life. Although Siphon Life might at first appear to be merely a weaker Drain Life, the important distinction is that it doesn’t require channeling, meaning that you can shoot off a Siphon Life on a tough target, then use other spells while its effect remain active.

Although Demonology might sound like it deals primarily with demon-related spells (and it does have a few of those), it’s mostly useful as a source of support abilities. With Demonology spells, you’ll be able to embrace yourself with Demon Armor, create Soulstones and Healthstones out of Soul Shards, and use the incredibly useful Ritual of Summoning to instantly bring in new party members from anywhere in the game world.

It’s in the talents that Demonology really starts to live up to its name. There are different Improved talents for your Imp, Voidwalker, and Succubus, so you’ll probably want to wait until you have all three of these, then judge which ones you use most and allocate your talents appropriately. If you group often, though, the 30% improvement from a fully-loaded Improved Imp will help a lot, as it will greatly increase the efficacy of the Blood Pact spell that increases all party members’ Stamina. Demonic Embrace is also a good talent to invest in if you plan on using Life Tap to increase your effective mana pool.

Unfortunately, the talents start to become somewhat less effective as you climb the ranks of the Demonology tree, so you’ll want to take a hard look at the talents above Fel Domination and make sure that you’re going to get plenty of use out of them before you start allocating your points.

Most of the spells in the Destruction tree are straightforward damage or DoT spells. Immolate is perhaps the best of these, as it deals a bunch of damage up front, then deals more over time; it’s great for tapping enemies at the outset of combat so that other players can’t whack them and get the experience for the kill. The rest of the tree usually consists of either nukes (Shadow Bolt, Soul Fire) or AoE’s (Hellfire, Rain of Fire). Use them as appropriate.

The Destruction talents are just obviously powerful, but since you’re going to have to invest a lot of points to get the most out of them. Some aren’t hugely useful, such as Cataclysm, which has a marginal mana cost reduction for your Destruction spells; you can obviate most of your mana problems in the late game by using Life Tap. It isn’t until late in the tree that you’ll see the powerhouse abilities like Emberstorm, but there are plenty of lower-tier abilities, like Aftermath, that can have significant effects when you pile enough points into them. Aftermath works especially with your AoE spells, and can be even more devestating when combined with Pyroclasm later on; these two talents, when used with an AoE ability, will give you a good shot at either dazing an enemy or stunning them outright.

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