Warlock Awesome Abilities

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Eye of Kilrogg - Summon the Eye of Kilrogg - This summons an eye that you can control. This eye can move away from your character and can be used for scouting purposes as it was used in Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness. The eye is stealthed and has one hit point. The Eye cannot fly up in the air. It can travel up stairs and other players can see the Eye. The Eye doesn't make monsters angry at you so you can use it to scout out an area before you go there. This is a channeling spell so it will be canceled if someone interrupts the Warlock's casting.
Summon Felsteed - Create your own Felsteed horse! Horses allow you to travel much faster than walking. This is available at level 30.
Unending Breath - Breathe under water! You can cast this on other players too!
Enslave Demon - Enslave a target demon for a limited amount of time. You can use this ability to take control of a Demon and use it to attack other monsters. Requires a soul shard. Increased chance of breaking early if cast repeatedly on the same target. This is very cool and useful. If you are trying to enslave a demon, cast Curse of Shadow before you Enslave the Demon to reduce its resistances. Cannot be cast on tapped targets. Cannot be dispelled.
Ritual of Summoning - Begins a ritual that summons a targeted group member. Requires three people to perform. To use this ability, first target a person (usually the party icon) you want to summon. Next cast the spell. You will then need two people (party members only) to right-click on the portal one time and then do nothing once their character begins the summoning animation. Once all three players are summoning (all have summoning animation) it will take several seconds to complete the ritual. Then the portal will disappear and the player summoned will appear. If it doesn't work, try it again. A failed Ritual of Summoning will not cost a soul shard. Only party members can participate in rituals. Target of Ritual of Summoning must already be in the same instance if caster is in an instance. Summoning gives a confirmation dialog to the person being summoned. Ghosts cannot be summoned.

You cannot summon in Battlegrounds. You cannot summon in Netherstorm in Outlands.

Ritual of Summoning can be used to summon players into instances if they meet the instance requirements.

Players can now be summoned to raid instances from heroic dungeons.

Health Funnel - Transfers health to the caster's pet every second as long as the caster channels. Use this ability by having your pet attack and then channeling health into the pet. Then, if you need health, cast Drain Life, use a potion, or have someone heal you. This is a leash spell so it cancels if the pet runs out of range or if the spell is interrupted.

Imp - The Imp is a good pet to use if you're in a party. He blasts the enemy with a ranged attack and will continue this attack even at melee range. Because he's fragile and tends to run away from melee combat, you have to be careful with him so that he doesn't aggro monsters. Also, he's not the best to use in solo. On the other hand, if you don't have a Soul Shard, you will need him to get another one.

Voidwalker - This is an ideal soloing pet. Use it to tank for you. The Voidwalker has massive hit points and can use the Torment skill to attract monsters' anger, but its damage output is very low.

Succubus - This pet inflicts a high amount of damage on your foes, but is very fragile. The Succubus has an amazing damage output, especially when backstabbing monsters with Lash of Pain. It is also good at crowd control with Soothing Kiss and Seduce to make a monster sleep for a short while.

Felhunter - This pet is best used against enemy casters. The Felhunter is able to purge harmful magical effects from your allies, or beneficial effects from an enemy. The Felhunter is even healed in the process! In addition, the Felhunter has the ability to silence enemy casters for X seconds which also prevents spells from that school of magic from being cast for Y seconds.

Inferno - Summons a meteor from the twisting nether, causing 200 Fire damage and stunning all enemy targets in area for 2 sec. An Infernal rises from the crater, under the command of the caster. Once control is lost, the Infernal must be Enslaved to maintain control. Requires a reagent. Usable outdoors only. The quest for the Infernal can be found in Felwood. The summoned Infernal will now be enslaved for 5 minutes before turning on its summoner. The stun effect can be resisted.

Ritual of Doom - Begins a ritual that sacrifices a random participant to summon a doomguard. The doomguard must be immediately enslaved or it will attack the ritual participants. Requires the caster and 4 additional people to complete the ritual. In order to participate, all players must right-click the portal and not move until the ritual is complete. Requires a Demonic Figurine as a reagent. The Ritual of Doom quest can be found in the Tainted Scar.

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