Warlock Crowd Control Macros

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Crowd Control

Fear / Banish Focus Macro

This is a rather complex macro, utilizing focus to keep track on the target. Casting fear or banish will hit your target as well as create a focus of which all consecutive fears and banishes will target. Having a dead focus will be treated as if you had no focus.

  • No modifier casts Howl of Terror
  • Alt fears the target
  • Ctrl banishes the target
  • Ctrl+Shift banishes down-ranked
  • Shift clears your focus

/cast [nomod]Howl of Terror /stopmacro [nomod] /focus [mod:shift,nomod:ctrl]none;[target=focus,harm,nodead]focus;[harm,nodead];none /cast [target=focus,mod:alt]Fear;[target=focus,mod:ctrl,mod:shift]Banish(Rank 1);[target=focus,mod:ctrl]Banish

Chain-Fear Focus Macro

  • If you do not have a focus it will set focus on your mouseover target.
  • It will cast fear on your focus.
  • If you do not have a focus, it will cast fear on your target.
  • Will null your focus if you click the macro button with the control key held down, or if your target is dead.

#showtooltip /focus [target=focus, noexists][target=focus, dead] mouseover /cast [nomodifier, target=focus] Fear /stopmacro [nomodifier] /clearfocus [modifier:ctrl]

Note that if you select the macro picture the first line of the macro will make this icon the fear spell, and will allow your usual tooltip to display

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