Warlock Curse of Weakness

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The Warlock has several types of curses and it is up to the player to decide which is best for the particular situation. Curses can only be cast on the enemy. You can only have one curse active at a time on a monster. The last curse you cast will override the previous curse on the monster.

Corruption - Inflicts a disease on a target that causes X damage over Y seconds. Corruption will stack with Shadow Word: Pain.
Curse of Weakness - Damage caused by the target is reduced by X for Y seconds. This is useful in shorter battles.
Curse of Recklessness - Increases the damage done by the target by X, but greatly reduces its armor by Y for Z seconds. This is a good group based spell that is especially good to cast on monsters that are trying to run away.
Curse of the Elements - Curses the target, reducing Shadow, Arcane, Fire and Frost resistances by X for Y min. This ability is good to use when playing with other casters who use those types of spells. In addition to reducing your target's Fire and Frost resistance, this spell will also increase the Fire and Frost damage you inflict upon them by Z%. Has a duration of 2 minutes when used on PvP targets.
Curse of Tongues - Forces the target to speak in Demonic, increasing the casting time of all spells by X%. Only one Curse per Warlock can be active on any one target. Lasts Y sec. Curse of Tongues has a 12 second duration when used on PvP targets..
Curse of Agony - Curses the target with agony causing X Shadow damage over Y seconds. Causes large damage over time. The damage from this spell will continue even if the caster dies or leaves the area.
Curse of Doom - Curses the target with impending doom, causing X shadow damage after Y min. If the target dies from this damage, there is a chance that a Doomguard will be summoned. Cannot be cast on players (boo!)

Drain Life - Transfers health from target to caster. This ability is used during battle both to damage the monster and to regain life. Drain Life is good to use against high-level monsters that typically resist your other attacks. Although Drain Life can be resisted, you should keep trying until your cast succeeds (doesn't resist). Once you land the spell, it will start draining life; it does damage to the monster even if you don't actually need the life.
Life Tap - Converts health into mana. If you need mana, what you do is Life Tap, then steal life from the enemy monster. This spell benefits from effects which increase your spell damage. At rank 3 and above, the base amount of health lost and mana gained will increase by 80% of your bonus spell damage effects. Talents and items can further modify those values. Rank 1 and 2 receive reduced effect.
Drain Mana - Transfers X mana to the caster (Warlock) every second. This is a "leash" ability similar to the Dark Ranger's abilities in Warcraft III. Once the monster gets out of range, the leash breaks, and the spell is deactivated. Also, if the monster interrupts your casting, the interruption breaks the leash. Use this ability on enemy casters to drain their mana and replenish your own.
Fear - Send the monster running away. This is a good crowd control ability or escape spell. Be careful using this ability though. Monsters could wake up other monsters by calling for help as they run away. You typically don't want to use this in dungeons. Players have an increasing chance to break free of the effect, such that it is unlikely the effect will last more than 15 seconds. Banish, Seduction, Enslave Demon and Fear duration against PvP targets is reduced to 10 seconds.
Howl of Terror - Howl, causing all enemies within X yds to flee in terror for Y sec. This is a good "oh no" ability to use when surrounded or for PvP. This ability has an increased chance of breaking early.
Death Coil - Drains X of the enemy target's health, returning 100% to the caster. Causes a short Fear effect. Death Coil is subject to diminishing returns in the Horror category. Currently, only Death Coil is in this category.
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