Warlock Demonology Talent Builds

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The Demonology tree involves bonuses involving your pet, your stats, and your conjured stones. Demonology trades the damage options of Affliction and Destruction for enhanced survivability and a stronger pet.

Tier 1

Improved Healthstone rank 2/2
Increases the amount of Health restored by your Healthstone by 20%.

Comment: Your final rank healthstone will go from 2100 to 2500, a 400 health increase. Not bad, but not great.

Solo: ** - I remember some times where 400 health saved or would have saved my life. I wouldn't count on it though.
Raid: **1/2 - See note. This talent is more useful in raids since the bonus carries to everyone and not just you. Still not that big of a deal though.
PvP: *** - A pretty good help in the arena. Not as useful in BG's though.

Notes: People can carry multiple max rank healthstones if the Warlocks in the raid have a different numbers of points in this talent. Cooldown still applies though.

Improved Imp rank 3/3
Increases the effect of your Imp's Firebolt, Fire Shield, and Blood Pact spells by 30%.

Comment: Greatly increases your Imp's DPS and makes Blood Pact a little better. For the final rank of Blood Pact, it increases the bonus from 66 sta to about 85, an increase of about 200 health - not that big of a deal.

Solo: **? (Varies) - Depends completely on your playstyle. If you don't grind with Imp, this talent is worthless. If you use him for Blood Pact, you're spending a lot of talent points for only a minor increase of health. If you use him for DPS, this talent is a must-have.
Raid: **1/2? (Varies) - Good to increase the party's health, but not crucial.
PvP: * - Imp isn't the best pet for PvP, but some people like him for his DPS.

Notes: Imp's DPS got severely nerfed in a recent patch. In the interest of DPS, this talent isn't that great without Improved Fire Bolt.

Demonic Embrace rank 5/5
Increases your total Stamina by 15% but reduces your total Spirit by 5%.

Comment: A very significant increase to your health. With the higher stamina values in BC, this talent is very important for PvP.

Solo: ** - The most efficient "stat" in solo is killing efficiency. This doesn't make you kill any faster, but since it helps prevent you from dying, it's not bad.
Raid: ** - Ideally, you shouldn't be taking damage. In reality, you will be taking damage. This will help you take those hits and give you a wider "Life Tap" range for health, but it isn't crucial.
PvP: ***** - Health is more important than ever in PvP, especially for Warlocks. A lot of classes would kill for this talent.

Notes: Note that an increase to your stamina also results in an increase to your pet's stamina. For builds with Demonic Knowledge, add an extra 1/2 star to the talent rating.

Tier 2

Improved Health Funnel 2/2
Increases the amount of Health transfered by your Health Funnel spell by 20% and reduces the health cost by 20%.

Comment: A decent talent for improving the efficiency of Health Funnel, mainly for use with a Voidwalker or Felguard.

Solo: **** (1/2 for Affliction) - Good for Felguard specs. Faster healing that requires less of your own health makes things a little more smoothly. Near worthless for builds that don't use Felguard or VW.
Raid: 1/2 - Every second spent using Health Funnel is a serious loss in DPS.
PvP: * - Sucks because Health Funnel sucks.

Notes: Note that +healing (and therefore +dmg) affects Health Funnel now.

Improved Voidwalker rank 3/3
Increases the effectiveness of your Voidwalker's Torment, Consume Shadows, Sacrifice and Suffering spells by 30%.

Comment: Improves your VW's threat-holding ability and Sacrifice. Worthless for FG and drain tanking builds.

Solo: * (*** if you grind with VW) - The most effective ways to grind are either by drain tanking or by grinding with a Felguard (post 60). However, if you insist on using Voidwalker to level, this is a pretty good talent to invest in.
Raid: 1/2 - Voidwalker isn't a viable offtank in later instances.
PvP: * - VW is worthless in PvP except for using Sacrifice, which is dispellable. However, this talent has value if you're one of those Warlocks in arena who likes to use dual/tri Sacrifice with Fel Dom builds.


Fel Intellect rank 3/3
Increases the Intellect of your Imp, Voidwalker, Succubus, and Felhunter by 15% and your maximum mana by 3%.

Comment: The primary reason for picking up this talent is to increase the spell damage you get from Demonic Knowledge, further down the tree. There is only a sutble difference in your pet's mana pool.

Solo: 1/2 (** for Demo) - See comment. For Demonic Knowledge builds, see note.
Raid: 1/2 (** for Demo) - ^
PvP: 1/2 (** for Demo) - ^

Note: The best filler at its tier, pick it up.

Tier 3

Improved Succubus rank 3/3
Increases the effect of your Succubus' Lash of Pain and Soothing Kiss spells by 30%, and increases the duration of your Succubus' Seduction and Lesser Invisibility spells by 30%.

Comment: Increases Seduce's duration from 15 to 19.5 seconds. This is probably the only significant benefit you'll see from this talent. Unfortunately, that duration increase won't be seen at all in PvP.

Solo: 1/2 - Seduce is useful in certain situations where you need to deal with multiple humanoids. This situation isn't worth burning talent points for, though.
Raid: 1/2 - Every time Seduce is broken, the mob is free for 1.5 seconds. This talent will reduce the number of times that happens, but that doesn't mean it's worth investing in.
PvP: 1/2 - The only benefit you'll see from this talent is that Lash of Pain deals more damage. Skip.

Note: Haven't been able to confirm whether or not this talent affects the attack speed debuff on Soothing Kiss. That wouldn't warrant placing points into this talent, though... especially since Soothing Kiss doesn't stack with Thunderclap.

Fel Domination rank 1/1
Instant cast 15 min cooldown: Your next Imp, Voidwalker, Succubus, or Felhunter Summon spell has its casting time reduced by 5 sec and its Mana cost reduced by 50%.

Comment: Combined with Master Summoner, provides you a 0.5 cast time, low mana cost pet every 15 minutes. Very nice.

Solo: **1/2 (***1/2 on PvP servers) - Ideally, your pet shouldn't be dying. On those moments that it does, Fel Dom will bring it right back up, but note that it's not going to have any threat when you bring it back out.
Raid: *** (0 for Aff/Dest) - Deep Demonology relies on having a pet out to keep the more effective bonuses - DK, SL, and MD. If your pet dies from SL damage or from AoE, you can bring it right back out with this talent.
PvP: ***** - Your pet dying generally means game over, but Fel Domination allows you a quick switch for certain situations.

Notes: Worthless without Master Summoner. Almost essential for arena builds.

Fel Stamina rank 3/3
Increases the Stamina of your Imp, Voidwalker, Succubus, and Felhunter by 15% and your maximum health by 3%.

Comment: Significantly increases pet health, and adds to your Demonic Knowledge bonuses. Good for Demonology Warlocks, near worthless for other builds. The tiny bonus to your maximum health is small, but it's there.

Solo: ** (or 1/2) - Get it if you're going Felguard - he's not as tough as he looks. Aside from that and DK builds though, this talent is worthless.
Raid: ** - For deep Demonology builds, it helps your pet survive SL hits and AoE - only get it if you're going deep into Demonology.
PvP: ** - Only get it if you're going deep into Demonology.

Notes: For Demonic Knowledge builds, add an additional star to the talent rating. Do not bother with this talent if you're not going Demonology. Like Fel Intellect, it's a good filler for PvP builds.

Demonic Aegis 3/3
Increases the effectiveness of your Demon Armor and Fel Armor spells by 30%.

Comment: Improves resistance and armor from Demon Armor, healing bonus and damage from Fel Armor. A decent filler talent that unfortunately does not scale. In terms of damage, it's basically a +30 damage bonus if you keep Fel Armor up at all times.

Solo: **1/2 - Good for the bonuses to Fel Armor. Don't go out of your way for it, though. And you definately should NOT put points in it if you don't have Fel Armor yet.
Raid: **1/2 - See above. Also helps with healer efficiency, which is great, but the difference is small.
PvP: ** - See above. Loses points because Fel Armor is dispellable.

Notes: A maginal bonus per point, but easily the best filler at its tier.

Tier 4

Master Summoner rank 2/2
Reduces the casting time of your Imp, Voidwalker, Succubus, and Felhunter Summoning spells by 4 sec and the Mana cost by 40%.

Comment: Greatly reduces mana cost and casting time for pets. It probably won't save you during battle, but it does help partially relieve the annoyance in summoning pets. It's also required to make Fel Domination useful.

Solo: ** - See Fel Domination.
Raid: ** - See Fel Domination.
PvP: ***1/2 - See Fel Domination. Makes resummons a viable option when combined with CC and effecting peeling.

Notes: Do not put that point into Fel Domination without putting two in this talent.

Unholy Power rank 5/5
Increases the damage done by your Voidwalker, Succubus, and Felhunter's melee attacks by 20% and your Imp's Fire Bolt by 20%

Comment: Significantly increases the damage your pets do. This talent is good for Felguard specs that use their pet for damage, and is a prerequisite for Master Demonologist anyway.

Solo: **** (or 1/2) - 20% more pet damage is great... but only if you use the pet for DPS.
Raid: **** - Essential to Felguard DPS, worthless otherwise.
PvP: **** (or 1/2) - Only good for the Felguard.

Notes: Only get this talent if you plan on using Felguard and/or you plan on getting Master Demonologist. Skip otherwise.

Tier 5

Improved Enslave Demon rank 2/2
Reduces the Attack Speed and Casting Speed penalty of your Enslave Demon spell by 10% and reduces the resist chance by 10%.

Comment: When I use Enslave Demon, I use it primarily as a CC. It would be great to make my enslaved pet kick more ass, but not at the cost of talent points. This talent is only useful when you're enslaving a pet... which isn't very often. On top of that, the benefit you gain from this talent isn't that great of a benefit anyways.

Solo: 1/2 - Some zones have some powerful enslavable pets. Most don't.
Raid: 1/2 - The resist chance part helps here. Certain mobs in instances are enslavable, and enslave demon is probably the best way to CC them. Those situations are too rare to warrant points in this talent, though.
PvP: 0 - Helps Infernal and (lol) the Doom Guard. Completely worthless in arena because you can't summon either of those demons in there.

Notes: The fact that they changed this talent in 2.01 to take only 2 points makes me laugh. I wouldn't take this talent even for 1 point, even if it were in tier 1.

Demonic Sacrifice rank 1/1
100 yd range Instant: When activated, sacrifices your summoned demon to grant you an effect that lasts 30 min. The effect is canceled if any Demon is summoned.
Imp: Increases your Fire damage by 15%.
Voidwalker: Restores 2% of total Health every 4 sec.
Succubus: Increases your Shadow damage by 15%.
Felhunter: Restores 3% of total Mana every 4 sec.
Felguard: Increases your Shadow damage by 10% and restores 2% of total mana every 4 sec

Comment: Grants you a considerable bonus in exchange for your pet. Warlocks are very reliant on their pets, especially ones with points deep in Demonology (you lose MD/DK/SL without a pet out!). This talent gives you options for those situations where you don't want or need a pet out and the bonuses from DS are more helpful. Demonic Sacrifice is mainly used in specialized builds.

Solo: 1/2 (or *****) - Worthless for most builds, since the talent investment is so high and most Warlocks want to keep a pet out. However, this talent is essential to the functionality of certain builds (though those builds are rare nowadays).
Raid: 1/2 (or *****) - Deep Demo builds would almost always prefer to have a pet out so they don't lose MD and D bonuses. However, builds like 0/21/40 are completely reliant on this talent.
PvP: 1/2 - You want a pet out in PvP, trust me. .

Notes: Even if Demonic Sacrifice weren't a requirement for Soul Link, you'd want to pick it up, so that you can manually "reset" your pet for its resummoning (regains full HP/MP, all buffs/debuffs removed).

Master Conjurer rank 2/2
Increases the bonus Fire damage from Firestones and the Firestone effect by 30% and increases the spell critical rating bonus of your Spellstone by 30%.

Comment: Slightly improves the stats of Firestones and Spellstones. In the case of the Spellstone, I mean slight. Like two talent points for a small percent of a crit only if you have a Spellstone equipped kind of slight. Yeah, this talent sucks.

Solo: 1/2 - No thanks. Wands and Life Tap -> Drain Life are almost always more effective than melee + Firestone, and the benefits in fire damage and crit are too small to be worth any points.
Raid: 1/2 - See above.
PvP: 1/2 - See above.

Notes: One of the worst talents in the game. If this and Improved Enslave Demon were combined at tier 1 for a single talent point, I still wouldn't get them.

Tier 6

Mana Feed 3/3
When you gain mana from Drain Mana or Life Tap spells, you pet gains 100% of the mana you gain.

Comment: Life Tap makes your mana pool last longer. With this talent, it makes your pet's mana pool last longer too! This is great as it reduces pet downtime with the FG/VW, improves the long term DPS of the Imp, and helps the Succubus CC for longer periods of time.

Solo: **** - Without this talent, your Felguard would have downtime related to his mana. Putting 2 or 3 points into this talent will allow him to spam all of his abilities without downtime. Helps Imp a lot too.
Raid: **** - See above. Mana Feed makes Succubus a lot better for CCing.
PvP: **** - If you're this far into Demo, you're specced for longer lasting fights where your Felhunter or Felguard can run out of mana. This is the single most important talent for keeping your pet's mana up.

Notes: It is not necessary to max out this talent. You only need 1 or 2 points for PvP, 2 or 3 (maxed) for PvE.

Master Demonologist rank 5/5
Grants both the Warlock and the summoned demon an effect as long as that demon is active. Imp - Reduces threat caused by 20%. Voidwalker - Reduces physical damage taken by 10%. Succubus - Increases all damage caused by 10%. Felhunter - Increases all resistances by 1 per level. Felguard - Increases all damage caused by 5% and increases all resistances by 0.5 per level.

Comment: An incredible talent that makes Demonology builds very versatile. Unfortunately, this versatility is somewhat limited by the fact that raids and party groups always want you to have a certain pet out. If your pet dies, you lose MD - be careful.

Solo: ***** - There is no reason to skip this talent if you are going deep into Demonology.
Raid: ***** - Very nice, as you get to choose between a pure damage increase (Suc), significant threat reduction (Imp), and for certain battles, resistance (Felhunter), but it won't fit into most raid builds.
PvP: ***** - Vulnerable to banish, but still a solid talent. See note.

Notes: Some have argued only placing 4 points into this talent, because most casters will have well over the amount penetration than the resistance it provides.

Tier 7

Demonic Resilience rank 3/3
Reduces the chance you'll be crit by melee and spells by 3% and reduces all damage done to your demon by 15%.

Comment: Significantly decreases the damage your pet takes. Essential for Felguard grinding. The crit protection is helpful, but it's too early to see whether it's significant when stacked with resilience or not.

Solo: **** - Essential for Felguard grinding as it reduces the damage he takes, thus reducing the amount of healing he needs.
Raid: *** (* for builds that don't use Felguard) - Felguard needs the AoE damage mitigation.
PvP: **** - Pets are commonly the first target nowadays, and this will greatly improve their mitigation. 120 resilience worth of anti-crit isn't too shabby, either.

Notes: This talent WILL stack on top of the resilience "soft cap" at 492.

Soul Link rank 1/1
270 Mana 100 yd range Instant cast: When active, 20% of all damage taken by the caster is taken by your demon instead. In addition, both the demon and the master will inflict 5% more damage. Lasts as long as the demon is active.

Comment: Not quite the monster that it used to be, but considering you only have to put one point into it, it's still a pretty good talent. Not truly an increase to mitigation (as the same total damage has been done), but helps deal with burst well.

Solo: **** - More useful for the damage increase.
Raid: **** - One point for 5% extra damage is incredible. Losing this point (and your 3 from DK/5 from MD) due to AoE damage is much worse, though.
PvP: ***** - Considered by many to be a requirement for PvP.

Notes: It's still an incredible talent, as shown by the proportion of high arena ranked Warlocks who spec Demonology for it.

[b[Demonic Knowledge rank 5/5[/b]
Increases your spell damage by an amount equal to 12% of your pet's stamina plus intellect.

Comment: For most Warlocks, this is about a +100 bonus to spell damage. It scales, but not very well (a small percent of a small percent). An incredible talent nonetheless.

Solo: ***** - Greatly increases spell damage, and doesn't require good gear to see the effects!
Raid: ***** - See above.
PvP: ***** - See above.

Notes: The best pet for receiving damage from DK is the Imp, but his MD bonus doesn't affect damage (just threat).

Tier 8

Demonic Tactics rank 5/5
Increases crit chance of you and your summoned demon by 5%

Comment: More crits. The usefulness of this talent depends on how often you nuke as a Demonology build. Yeah, I think the change was dumb too.

Solo: *** - Higher DPS is good, even if it only affects your nukes.
Raid: **** - Crit helps Improved Shadow Bolt procs, which is great. Loses a point compared to Devestation due to tree placement.
PvP: ** - Felguard will rarely crit against a geared opponent, because his crit with this talent will still only be ~10%. A decent boost to the Warlock in 5v5, where you might have time to spam Shadow Bolts.

Notes: This talent is weak because it suffers greatly from placement.

Tier 9

Summon Felguard rank 1/1
Summons a Felguard under the command of the Warlock.

Comment: A high DPS melee pet with decent health/armor. Comes with his own set of abilities, the most notable of which is Intercept - a 3 second stun that puts the Felguard near the target, but with an 8-25 yard range and a 30 second cooldown.

Solo: ***** - Felguard is pretty good for leveling after 56.
Raid: (depends) - Felguard does extremely well against certain bosses and has been found to beat out Affliction at lower levels of gear. Against other bosses, Felguard is worthless.
PvP: **** - Spec-defining talent. Felguard's Intercept is very useful as it isn't magical and doesn't count against your Fear diminishing returns. He pressures cloth well with his appearance and damage and difficulty to Psy Scream/Frost Nova. However, he is extremely vulnerable to banish.

Notes: Ignore the Warlocks who say that Felguard is for "noobs." They think having to push 3 buttons instead of 4 makes you totally easy mode. They don't realize that fewer buttons = fewer options to work with.

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