Warlock Group PVE Technique

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Group is a bit different than solo play, if only because you won’t have to worry as much about drawing aggro, at least in theory. If your group has a good tank along, then you shouldn’t feel the need to use a Voidwalker to draw your foes’ attention, and will instead probably want to go with either an Imp or a Succubus, depending on how high of a level you’ve obtained. The Imp’s Blood Pact spell will boost all of your teammate’s Stamina scores, and you can level up its fire magic to increase its effect so that it stays useful in battle. The Succubus is more of a crowd control device; you can use its Seduction ability to mesmerize enemies and take them out of combat. She has the potential to deal more damage than either of the previous pets, as well, but is fairly fragile.

In addition to your normal curses and direct-damage spells, you’ll also want to start flexing your crowd control muscles when playing in groups. Banish is a great (if very situational) stunning move, and Fear is great for sending mobs away from the group for a few seconds while you target something else.

Besides pure combat technique, though, you’ll undoubtably be asked to supply Soul Stones for your party, so be sure to use Drain Soul as appropriate on the party’s designated foe. You can even make a little macro for this:

/assist nameoftank
/cast Drain Soul(Rank 1)

Or something similar.

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