Warlock Imp Pet Quest

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Human: (quest: The Stolen Tome) Speak with your first Warlock Trainer near the abbey (Meritt Herrion) take the quest and run north-east where you will encounter some Defias Thug’s (which unlike other mobs in the area will agro you). Find the tent past the bridge, kill the Defias there and take the books. Once you take the books back you will have access to the “summon imp” spell.

Gnome: (quest: Beginnings) Speak with your first Warlock Trainer (Gozwin Vilesprocket) take the quest and run to the Frostmane cave (the troll cave as it is also known). Fight the Frostmane Novices within and once you collect 3 Feather Charms return to your trainer for the Summon Imp spell!

Undead: (quest: Piercing the Veil) Speak with Venya Marthland in the church. Accept her quest and head out to kill rattlecage skeletons. Once you collect 3 skulls off these nearby mobs, return to your trainer for access to the Summon Imp spell.

Orc: (quest: Vile Familiars) Speak with Warlock Trainer Ruzan (right in front of the Den), accept his quest and head out to the entrance of the nearby cave that is surrounded by Vile Familiars. Kill as many Familiar’s as needed to get 6 of their heads. Once you have collected 6 heads, return to Ruzan for your new Summon Imp Spell!

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