Warlock Minions

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Warlocks can summon a variety of minions, each exhibiting different skill sets which are useful in different situations.

  • Imp (Level Obtained: As early as level 1, though the quest level is level 4. Gnome, Undead, Human, Orc, Blood Elf)
The Imp's main role is a support minion, designed to do additional damage alongside the caster via its Firebolt attack. The Imp is very fragile and will die very quickly if attacked, but it requires no Soul Shard to summon, and is often used to farm new Soul Shards when you run out and cannot summon a different minion. Other Imp abilities include Phase Shift (allowing the Imp to shift out of phase and cannot be attacked by enemies), Blood Pact, a powerful stamina buff for everyone in your party or raid, and Fire Shield, a Thorns-like damage shield (with fire resist at higher levels) which he will cast on you and your teammates that enter combat. With the Improved Imp and Improved Firebolt talents, the Imp is a damaging minion in the warlock's arsenal; at least until he runs out of mana. The Imp is also useful as a mana battery for affliction warlocks using Dark Pact due to his ability to stay out of harms way and his fast mana regeneration.
  • Voidwalker (Level Obtained: 10, Gnome, Undead, Human, Orc, Blood Elf)
This demon deals little damage, but has very good armor and good hit points. He is excellent while soloing, because he is an excellent tank, is able to keep aggro and has high armor and health. He is also excellent for farming Soul Shards (provided you have one to summon him with). The Voidwalker's main ability, Torment, is a taunt that causes enemies to lose interest in the warlock and instead attack the Voidwalker. There is also a PBAOE version of Torment called Suffering. At higher levels, however, it is unable to hold a mob's attention for very long. Additional Voidwalker spells include Sacrifice, which kills your Voidwalker but creates a 30-second damage absorption shield for the warlock, and Consume Shadows which is an out of combat self-heal for the Voidwalker. As of patch 3.0.2, Consume Shadows also dramatically increases stealth detection of all allies near the Voidwalker while it is being channeled.
  • Succubus (Level Obtained: 20, Undead, Orc, Alliance)
The Succubus is replete with spells that deal damage and mesmerize the enemy in different ways. Her first ability, Lash of Pain, is a direct-damage, low-mana cast that deals shadow damage to her target. Other spells include Soothing Kiss, which will reduce threat (the reverse of the Voidwalker's Torment ability) and Seduction, which charms a target for 15 seconds (or until attacked). The Succubus also has a self-only Lesser Invisibility spell. Succubus deals the most damage of all the basic minions, without talent upgrades. At higher levels the succubus is not a good means of using Crowd Control. Her low health and armor makes her easy to kill, thereby eliminating the Crowd Control ability and leaving the warlock without a pet.
  • Felhunter (Level Obtained: 30, Horde, Alliance)
The Felhunter is your anti-caster minion. Where the Succubus deals lots of melee damage, the Voidwalker is a great tank and the Imp deals lots of ranged damage, the Felhunter has high magic resist and has abilities to Counterspell (Spell Lock), remove buffs from enemies and remove debuffs from friendlies (Devour Magic). Its aura, Fel Intelligence, is beneficial for casters as it increases the intellect and spirit of all nearby party members. Also, it has an offensive spell, Shadow Bite, that deals shadow damage and becomes more powerful with each damage over time effect on the target. The affliction talent, Improved Felhunter, gives your felhunter 4/8% of its mana back when it uses Shadow Bite, and it increases the effectiveness of Fel Intelligence by 5/10%.
  • Infernal (Level Obtained: 50, from Grimoire of Inferno or Kroshius' Infernal Core)
As of patch 3.0.2, the Infernal has undergone significant changes. The cooldown is reduced from 1 hour to 15 minutes, but instead of lasting 5 minutes and then attacking the warlock after breaking free, it will exist under the warlock's control for 1 minute and then despawn. Also, its damage, health, and armor have been increased, and it can be summoned in arenas. The Infernal deals strictly in melee damage, combined with an immolation effect that hurts all enemies nearby. It also requires an Infernal Stone to summon.
  • Doomguard (Level Obtained: 60, from Curse of Doom or Ritual of Doom)
The Doomguard is the most powerful Warlock minion. It has the highest HP and AC, as well as having Rain of Fire, Dispel, Cripple and Warstomp. A properly used Doomguard can take out entire camps of enemies at a time before perishing. However, like the Infernal, it requires Enslave Demon to be cast on it to stay within the Warlock's control, but unlike the Infernal, it MUST be enslaved right away, or it will start attacking you or your party/raid. It can be re-enslaved after but the Enslave's duration diminishes after each casting. Curse of Doom has about a 10% chance of summoning a Doomguard if it deals the killing damage. Ritual of Doom will summon a Doomguard 100% of the time, but requires the assistance of your party, and will kill one member of your group. That one party member could be you, thus unleashing an angry Doomguard on your group mates with no one to enslave it unless another Warlock is in your group. Ritual of Doom requires a Demonic Figurine reagent (costs 1 or less with reputation discount).
  • Felguard was added in the 2.0.1 patch (Obtained: from 41 point tier of the new demonology talent tree)
The Felguard is the most powerful non-enslaved Warlock minion. Overall effectiveness compared to other warlock minions is in a rapid state of flux. As of patch 2.0.3, it has similar DPS to the succubus, while tanking almost as well as the Voidwalker having slightly less armor but much better single target aggro generation (this appears to be changing however, with armor increasing). This demon has abilities that help a lot in PvP as well as when soloing, Intercept among one of the many allows the felguard to charge and stun whoever the warlock targets for 3 seconds and has a cooldown of 30 seconds. It uses the standard single soul shard to summon.
  • If you have a minion that required a soul shard to summon, you won't get that soul shard back if you summon any other demon (including the same type of demon and the Imp which doesn't require a shard to summon), so it is recommended to set the current demon to stay put, then run away from it until you see the message saying you gained a soul shard, if you summon a mount to decrease the time needed to gain distance from your demon, this will not work, as the demon disappears when you summon your mount, then re-appears when you dismount. This method should only be used when you're safe from attacks. After all, a warlock never has enough soul shards.*

Pet scaling

  • 1 stam gives 0.3 to your pet.
  • 1 resistance gives 0.4 to your pet.
  • 1 armor gives 0.35 armor to the pet.
  • 1 spell damage gives 0.15 spell damage, and 0.57 attack power to your pet.
  • 1 int gives your pet 0.3 int.
  • The new demonology talent Fel Synergy increases your pet's armor, stamina, and intellect by 5/10% of your own.
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