Warlock One-on-One PVP Technique

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One-on-One PVP Technique

The Warlock can have a difficult time in PVP, especially one-on-one PVP, because of the way that most enemies won’t bother attacking your pet, and will instead make a beeline straight for you. Your saving grace here is going to be the Fear spell; you’ll want to cast it often to keep melee opponents off of you, but keep in mind that it will become more easily resistable after each casting, so that eventually it won’t affect your target at all. Thus, you’ll want to take full advantage of the first couple of castings by laying all of your DoT’s and damaging spells on the target, or just taking the opportunity to run if you don’t think you can win the fight.

As mentioned, your target will eventually start resisting your Fears, so you’ll need to get all of your hits in before this occurs. Keep your pet trained on your enemy, and make sure that they’re using all of their special abilities to deal extra damage. When you’re facing off against lower-level enemies, then Corruption, Curse of Agony, and Immolation can usually deal enough damage to kill them off by themselves, but against higher-level enemies that are strong enough to withstand your DoTs, or whom have healing spells to regain their life, you’re going to have to get as much damage in before your Fears wear off and hope that you’ve hurt them enough to either make them easy to finish off or to convince them that running away is a useful option.

Group PVP

Warlocks aren’t highly desired in group PVP, but if you know how to play your class well, then you should be able to contribute a lot of damage. You’re especially going to be useful against the powerful tanks on the other side, if you can get close enough to them to bust out your Curses and DoT effects. You can follow these by busting out Rain of Fire and casting it on the primary area of combat to aggravate any enemies within the area of effect.

Again, though, any enemies you meet will probably be smart enough to realize that they can kill two birds with one stone, since killing you will also make your pet disappear. For this reason, you’re going to want to stay back behind your tanks and use Fear to keep enemies off you; casting Fear on enemy tanks will only make it more difficult for your own melee character friends to kill them off. If you can get close to an enemy spellcaster, though, you should do your best to cast Curse of Tongues on all of them; it can be easily eliminated by mages, and they usually will, but priests don’t have any way to get rid of curses, so they’ll be forced to deal with a 60% slower casting time for almost all of their spells for the duration, which should reduce the overall eficacy of your enemy’s healing.


As with most of the pure spellcasting classes, you’re going to be restricted to cloth armor as a Warlock, and you’ll want to focus primarily on intellect and spirit as your main stats. There isn’t much equipment that’s tailored specifically for warlocks, but there’s enough general spellcasting equipment around that you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding something to fill up your slots.

Many warlocks at higher levels, though, tend to start adding to their stamina stats. With the Life Tap spell that you gain in your Affliction tree, you will always have the ability to instantly convert health into mana, which effectively means that health can be used either as health or mana. If you get used to using Life Tap a lot, then you might as well have as much health as possible, and convert it when necessary, or simply keep it in your life pool to prevent awkward deaths.

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