Warlock Solo PVE Technique

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Solo PVE Technique

Needless to say, soloing is a lot easier if you have the right pet. The Voidwalker is the ideal soloing companion for the warlock, due to its tanking abilities, but it’s not obtainable until level 10 at the earliest; before that, you’ll have to make do with your Imp and the limited damage spells that you have at your disposal. Luckily, you’re going to gain the Fear spell at level eight, which will make it much easier to kill off enemies; you can use direct damage spells, such as Immolate or Shadow Bolt, to get their attention, use a DoT effect like Corruption as they approach, then Fear them when they get close, which will send them running, giving you more time to cast offensive spells on them.

When you do have a Voidwalker along, though, things become much easier, because it can use an ability similar to the warrior’s Taunt to try and keep enemies focused on itself, letting you hang back and blast them from a distance. The Voidwalker will do little damage when compared to yourself, though, so its presence is intended more to give you room to cast your spells than to let you sit and watch it rip through foes.

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