Warlock Stone Management Macros

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Stone Management

Create and use Firestone or Spellstone

With 3.0, firestones and spellstones were changed to work like weapon oils. No longer equipped in the relic slot, instead they each have 5 charges and are cast upon your weapon with a one hour duration. This macro will attempt to make a new firestone or spellstone (with alt) and it will also attempt to put the specified stone on your weapon if you already have one. It also closes the annoying "do you want to replace" popup message if you already have an oil or stone on your weapon and disables sound effects so you don't have to hear the click. Change "Master" to "Grand" at level 80.

/console Sound_EnableSFX 0 /cast [mod:alt] Create Spellstone; Create Firestone /use [mod:alt] Master Spellstone; Master Firestone /use 16 /click StaticPopup1Button1 /console Sound_EnableSFX 1

Wand/Spellstone use on 1 button

This macro manages equipping, conjuring and using spellstones and wands to one button. Clicking it without any modifier will use the currently equipped item, and alt-clicking it will swap between the items. If a spellstone isn't present it will create one, and if the slot is empty it will equip the wand. Change the name of the wand to the one you use.

/cast [nomod,equipped:wand] Shoot;[nomod,equipped:relic] Master Spellstone;[mod, equipped:wand]Create Spellstone /equip [mod, equipped:wand]Master Spellstone;[mod]Wand of the Netherwing

This will allow you to turn your wand's auto-shoot on or use your equipped Spellstone with one button.

/cast [equipped:Wand] Shoot; Master Spellstone

Alternative method with Shadow Ward as an alt-click.

#show Shadow Ward /cast [nomodifier,equipped:wand] Shoot /cast [nomodifier,equipped:relic] Major Spellstone /cast [modifier:alt] Shadow Ward

Two Macros to Switch between Wands and Firestone

These two macros will allow you to attack with your Firestone in hand (or go back to combat equipment after fishing) and swap it out to use your wand.

#showtooltip /equip <Name of you main hand weapon> /equip <Name of your off hand item> /equip Firestone /startattack

This second one will equip your wand with the first press, and shoot your wand with the second one.

#showtooltip /equip <Name of your wand> /cast Shoot

Soulstone Macro

This macro will on right click make a soulstone (change for appropriate level), left click, use it and on alt left click cast it on yourself.

#showtooltip Minor Soulstone /cast [modifier:alt,target=player] Minor Soulstone; [button:1] Minor Soulstone; [button:2] Create Soulstone

Mulitiple healthstones on one button

One button, 2 Healthstones. Click to create a rank 6 (Master) Healthstone or use it if one exists. Click with any modifier to the same to a rank 5 (Major) healthstone.

/cast [mod] Create Healthstone (Rank 5); [mod] Major Healthstone /cast Create Healthstone; Master Healthstone

Healthstone and Healing Potion

Note: It is currently impossible to write a macro that will have you use a healthstone if you have one and a potion if you do not.

  • Left-click uses a Healthstone; right-click a potion named in the macro
  • If you choose an icon for the macro rather than allowing the program to choose one for you, the macro button in your action bar will be grayed if you do not have a healthstone.
  • In all cases, only the cooldown for your healthstone will be shown.

#showtooltip /use [button:1] Healthstone; [button:2] Superior Healing Potion

This macro summons a Healthstone if you are not in combat, uses a Healthstone AND potion if you are. Note, depending on whether you have a Healthstone and/or potion in inventory at the time (and applicable cooldowns), you may see error messages. The macro also cannot tell whether you have a Healthstone in inventory or not. These are unavoidable - the macro will still do the best it can. NB: You must edit this to indicate the correct Healthstone and healing potion names.

/cast [nocombat]Create Lesser Healthstone /use [combat]Lesser Healthstone /use [combat]Lesser Healing Potion

Healthstone use/summon, Ritual of Souls in group

This will allow to use a healthstone with one click, summon with another, however in groups you will cast Ritual of Souls rather than a single summon.

#showTooltip Master Healthstone /cast [group, button:2] Ritual of souls /cast [button:2] Create Healthstone /use [button:1] Master Healthstone

When you first log in it'll show you a red question mark icon until you make your first stone. You can change the first line to "#showTooltip Create Master Healthstone" to fix this, however it will display the number of soulshards remaining instead of healthstone.

Soul Shard management

These macros are for those who do not want to worry about an addon like Necrosis or eeShard to manage shards and inventory room.

Destroy a single shard

When your bags are full and a world drop happens, you don't want to have to open your bags to find and destroy a soul shard. Use this macro to destroy exactly one. Good for those who do not use a shard bag and don't necessarily want a static cap on the number of shards to carry. Also, this destroys the shard furthest to the "right" in your bags, i.e., if you have a soul bag in the left slot, it will destroy those shards in another bag first.

/run i="Soul Shard"d=1 for x=0,4 do for y=1,GetContainerNumSlots(x) do if (d>0) then l=GetContainerItemLink(x,y) if l and GetItemInfo(l)==i then PickupContainerItem(x,y) DeleteCursorItem() d=d-1 end end end end

Destroy all but a specified number of shards

This will destroy any shards in excess of a designated number. As written, the number is twenty. Change the "20" in "d=GetItemCount(i)-20" to set the number of shards you want to carry. Like the macro above, this will destroy the shards furthest to the "right" in your inventory.

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