Farming WoW Classic Gold Guide 2023

1.Loot everything.

Each item in the game has some value, and you should take advantage of this fact. Gray items can be sold with that little extra pocket money, while white stackable items are needed for handcrafting, which means that if you post on AH at a low enough price, people usually buy these items ( If you are too lazy to post auctions, you can sell them all and then you are done). Some robbed items will increase in value over time, so you may also need to take some time to store them in the bank's Alt.

2. Buy WoW BC Classic Gold Cheap

3. Create a Bank Alt and raise it to level 5.

Leveling the part is very important because you can get enchants after you reach it. In the classic, if you have a fascinating career, you can lift every unusual item at every level. Clearing the weak BoE's unusual items and selling fascinating materials will help you earn some extra money, otherwise, suppliers are destined for gear. Bank Alt will also serve as a large storage space for your various items that will definitely add value over time or may come in handy in the future. Overall, this is a must because it will improve your overall level and WoW Classic Gold production efficiency, let you store extra items, let you consolidate your WoW Classic Gold in one character, and provide you with A way to squeeze some extra WoW Classic Gold from various items.

4. Find a mage friend.

Other things that become very expensive over time are food and drinks. At levels 1-40, you are likely to spend more than 15 coins in total, which is 15% of the level 40 mounts! To save at least part of your money, you should ask the mages if they can summon food and drinks for you for a little tip or help. Remember, if you go offline for more than 15 minutes, magic items will disappear.

5. Collect and sell your levels.

From the age of 1-60, you just need to start collecting occupations. Generally, it will be weeding and peeling, or grass and mining, but charming counts as well (because you can lift unwanted gear down and sell materials). Don't collect items for your own use, but sell them to others in the traditional craft industry.

6. Choose the best partying profession.

HELBE is particularly good because some players will immediately use potions, including healing potions and defensive potions because the risk of classic damage and death is relatively low.

Skinning may not be so profitable and it doesn't take much time because you peel things and you kill them. But you don't have to compete for nodes like weeding or mining.

The mining industry is useful in several industries, including blacksmithing and engineering, and demand tends to rise as players approach the upper level. Keep in mind, however, that collecting occupations does not give WoW Classic Gold the classic experience they do in live games. The time spent on weeding and mining is a time of flatness.

Regardless of which profession you choose, the Collector Mode is useful because it allows you to track herbs and dig spawning sites.

7. Scan auction houses for disenchantment materials

Every day take a moment to look at the current prices of low-level psychedelic materials like strange dust in the auction house, and then check the prices of green items that people post for sale. These items will create dust when people no longer have fantasies. This It's worth it.

The magician model will show you the best guess of each of its disenchanting products. Although it hasn't been updated yet, there are reports that it works in classics.

8. Investment

If you don't plan to rush to level 60, but want to take your time, this tip may be very useful to you. Over time, the value of many commodities will increase as more and more WoW Classic Gold will enter the market. To take advantage of this, you can pile up a variety of craft materials for sale in the future. If you want to make a lot of money, it takes a lot of patience and discipline, but if you are an economically oriented player, it is certainly worth it.

9. Best place to farm gold

Efficiency depends on your class. As a mage, I usually choose to grind when the fresh 60 people SM runs silk/magic for some pretty easy money. After being equipped, I will till in the terrible magic cave until ZG is opened, and then go there to till the coins/bijous alone.

Farming WoW Gold Classic Or Buying?

It depends on who you buy from. Some sites allow other players to trade directly with you in real money, and they are usually much safer than buying from a store. In this matter, larger businesses are usually likely to get Blizzard's attention. Anyway, if you are an ordinary player, just buy a small amount of WoW Classic Gold to meet your daily needs, you should be safe, but there is no guarantee.

Anyway, there are two answers:
In retail stores, just buy a surprise token. It is safe, allowed, and guaranteed (but maybe slightly more expensive). There is no real risk here.

On Classic they will take your WoW Classic Gold/items and if you are caught they will ban you. So how do you avoid it? Trading WoW Classic Gold is a big risk and you will be caught. The same goes for mail. Instead, publish the project to AH. Post a lot on AH and use AH often. Then, once you find someone who can buy gold (wherever you go, the website is irrelevant, there are many websites and services), you can publish some classic items that are overpriced, each one is not To 50 g. For example, if you want to buy 1,000 g, use a 50-g piece with 20 stacks of bone fragments or 20 stacks of linen. Then the seller can buy out yours directly. You will lose a small amount of gold, but this method is a bit safe (more secure than other methods).

How can I farm WoW Classic Gold safe

Blizzard is the only legal source of gold. Through World of Warcraft tokens, tokens cannot be purchased for classics. If you buy gold, you bought it through a third party, you violate the terms of service, you risk being banned, and you are a terrible person. When you buy gold, you are not just doing a big business that doesn't care. The way gold sellers get gold is by illegal means, destroying the game for actual players.

One source is zombies. This can ruin gaming and the economy on the server. It makes nodes inaccessible to actual players. It will reduce the value of items for actual players. Coupled with various changes to the game, making it fundamentally worse to combat zombies (for example, using something like zombies has made it so Blizzard has added an anti-collision detection system to disconnect players What to do, the system finds a problem. This system is often activated when players' skills are often used, such as disengagement.

The main source of gold for gold sellers is worse damaged accounts. Gold sellers harm their accounts primarily through phishing and malware, login, sell everything possible on the account, and send all gold to an account controlled by the gold seller (usually another compromised account). They do this again and again in order to accumulate gold in order to sell it. So someone lost their account and lost everything they had. It feels scary, just like being robbed. Blizzard is really good at restoring everything right now, which is great customer service, but even this has its problems. Although they would take stolen items from the account they received, as gold was transferred from one account to another, the continued amount of money laundering made tracking difficult. Although I am sure they are capable of doing this, my understanding is that they will not dig everything and take every bit of stolen gold from the game. This means that the economy is expanding faster than it should be, because stolen gold is still in circulation, and more gold is generated for destroyed players. This has also had a negative impact on the economy.

Don't buy gold. No. If you want to buy gold, play the battle of Azeroth and buy a token directly from Blizzard. If you buy gold, you are supporting Chinese companies that directly make the game worse for everyone who actually plays gold games. You are funding those whose accounts have been stolen. You give money to those who spread annoying whispers, shouts, and community invitations. Anyone who buys gold should be ashamed of himself. As a supplemental reminder, be very careful about any links you click on the email. Be sure to use an ad blocker. If you are concerned about supporting the World of Warcraft related websites you use, many or most websites have free memberships. Different websites do not generate ads themselves, and these ads, especially on Wowhead, are the main source of malware related to account leaks. From the perspective of those trying to steal accounts, this is wise. If they implant a malware ad on a mainstream website (such as a news site), then the probability that someone who acquired the malware has an active WoW account is very small. Someone who is visiting the World of Warcraft related fan website will most likely have an active account. Finally, make sure to get the authenticator application. Unfortunately, they seem to have stopped the physical validator, but most people now have smartphones. Blizzard's authenticator app is free and can be accessed immediately. This is very difficult, and often very rare because the account is destroyed by an attached authenticator. The cost of a physical validator around $ 8 is worth it, so the only option now is free, as long as you have a smartphone, there is no reason not to buy one.

A few WoW Gold Farming Tips

I hope there is a plan to exchange gold-because there will be guilds that exchange gold.

Hopefully, someone at Blizz even did a little research on the economic cross between the retail / classic version of MMO. I have repeatedly emphasized that OSRS / RS3 is a good model because their origin environment and emotion are very close. The gold classic is a direct product of the community's call for action, and there is a general desire for a nostalgic journey-which is what prompted players to demand the old-school Runescape. The biggest driver behind both communities is dissatisfaction with core game development / how easy it becomes for games to run concurrently with a strong hatred of micro-transactions (MTX)

This is unavoidable 100%, there will be an exchange rate between games, there will be websites, guilds, discord, more dedicated to shuffling money around the account and exchange 1k classic 50,000 retail (a huge guess, I Part of it, but you get the idea).

I can use a classic gold token. RS has similar bond settings in both forms of the game. Old-school developers even promised "never" on MTX, because in most cases, increasing bonds is a compromise, and everyone will either accept it from the beginning or overcome it gradually because, in the end, it is an alternative to paying $ 11 a month.

The best argument I can make is that only the classic player will pay the same subscription fee as the retail player, and the retail player can choose to run their time in the game. I can see that some people would rather play AH and collect pads to sell their own wow tokens in classic without having to go through retail, pay BFA, or even download it.

Each classic gold has a certain practical value, which will prevent the exchanger from manipulating the economy at will, and will help to eliminate gold sellers in advance, or at least inhibit the inflow of gold planting/retail, which is also an inevitable aspect of the game. I think OP is sharing a fear with me-buy a gold token, then retail, then exchange gold through a guild, and then go to your classic cartoon-this will also be the reality Blizzard wants to solve. Scam Meta will span multiple titles to cover the same subscription, with few other options, only the classic of adding a wow token.

I see the different nature of a WOW token as MTX, in my opinion, a neutral place. Some people get a lot of pocket money, which will make life easier, or end the last run-in period for big purchases, while others go all out and play classic games for free.

What's the point of having gold in Classic?

1. Lots of us are goblins just because we enjoy the money-making mini-game within WoW. It's all about a sense of accomplishment.

2. Gold is much more scarce in a classic, therefore any goblin on retail probably looks at classic as hard-mode gold-making or as a new challenge.

3. Mounts are going to be very expensive and a great way to show off wealth. Anything other than the standard race mounts are rare and impressive IMO. Just riding skills alone shouldn't be easy to afford for a level 40.

Retail players want to buy the classic gold

I hope Blizzard can use some of our support to let the team fight gold sales through monthly submarines.

In my opinion, the token system is very good in the retail industry, because gold is basically meaningless to many people, but in ordinary gold, it is more meaningful and closer to the actual strength of the player.

If gold sales become rampant, even if Blizzard invests a lot of resources to fight it, then I can lag behind the introduction of tokens, but this should definitely not be Plan A.

Honestly, I never really understood the huge difficulties inherent in catching people who sold gold. Until then, players who haven't been in contact will get lots of gold for free. This is not a common behavior at all, and I think it is actually the exclusive behavior of gold trading. Yes, it's clear that this does not prevent private sales between friends/guilds, but these events have never really become a problem.

Farming WoW Gold in Classic and Get Rich

WoW-Classic already has a system to detect gold prospectors and sellers; this was before their recent upgrade.

I know this because, in classical literature, I was temporarily suspended for pensions. The first time was because I was really farming. Interestingly, I often come across foreign gold miners who think I am one of them. They will give me some suggestions for help.

No, I am not a person who raises gold, but I raise gold for my own benefit. I want to make enough money to buy what you see on my back.

He is an arcane reaper; probably the best non-raid blue second-hand in the game. It's very expensive craftsmanship and even more expensive to buy classics.

This is the best weapon for a deadly strike fighter, but I have farmed it to build a Paladin Seal for my command + calculations.

Anyway, I don't know how they marked me as a gold rush farmer, but apparently my activities online made their system think I was a farmer. After I was banned, I appealed and told them to check my account thoroughly. The money I make is used to buy handmade materials and improve my own handmade skills. They soon resumed work.

Later, they will suspend my account for selling gold. Obviously they must have found that I transferred a lot of gold to another account. Yes. I transferred some of my stolen goods to my wife's account for her to use.

After I appealed, they quickly resumed their positions.

When someone managed to enter my character, sell everything, and transfer all my gold out, my account was suspended again.

It took me a long time to get my account back; Blizz recovered most of what I lost; although I lost a lot of my epic in the bank. When the transformation came, I had to remake the old raid.

Blizzard has a system for detecting these activities long ago. You can be sure that there are many gold prospectors and sellers because earning gold in classic gold is difficult except for the lucky epic drip or playing auction house.